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READ THIS - Kosovo Mine Said To Yield $3 TRILLION Over Next 5 Years

By Dave Sharp

From Hilary A. Thomas 4-13-99

Behold the New World Order.

Like most wars, the Kosovo war is about money - BIG MONEY. It has NOTHING to do with ethnic cleansing, genocide, or atrocities. It's all about money. FOLLOW THE MONEY. The NATO powers are making a bold power grab to control a mining complex in Kosovo.

"Last May, Mytilinaios SA [a Greek mining company] signed a five-year contract worth $519 BILLION with the state-owned RMHK Trepca [located in Kosovo] and the Serbian agency of foreign trade, in which Mytilinaios will forward one third of the mineral production in the international market and also upgrade mining equipment and facilities. Trepca mines are on the list of companies soon to be privatised, thus allowing the Greek company to buy stock."


The state-owned Trepca mining complex (Stari Trg) is worth about $5 billion as a piece of real estate. Earning potential, however, is a different matter. The mine has not been sold.

The referenced $519 billion contract with Greece obligates the state-owned mining facility to deliver one third of the minerals it produces over five years to Mytilinaios SA, the Greek mining company. This suggests that the remaining two thirds of minerals produced over five years could be sold at a comparable price to other mining companies. The grand total would be $1.56 TRILLION - paid to the owner of the mining complex - for minerals produced over five years.

Keep in mind that $1.56 TRILLION would be wholesale cost. We haven't even discussed mark-up yet.

Mining companies like Mytilinaios SA will sell minerals produced from the mine - lead, zinc, cadmium, gold, silver - to the international market at a marked-up price. If the mark-up is 200 percent, the net profit would be $1.56 TRILLION.

This would be the net gain if NATO played by the rules and allowed countries to honor their agreements with Serbia. But what if NATO were to steal the mine? If NATO takes over the mine in Kosovo, then the profit is potentially doubled. That would give NATO about 3 TRILLION over five years minus a few billion to cover labor and maintenance of the mining equipment. We're talking big bucks. And it will be divided among mining companies in NATO nations. Is it any wonder that U.S. politicians are foaming at the mouth? If NATO loses this war, certain politicians will think their pockets have been picked.

"Russia is a basket case. They cannot do anything... We cannot be disuaded from proceeding to victory... The debate should not be about how or why we got involved..., that is academic now. We must proceed to victory." -- Senator John McCain - 4/9/99

Behold the New World Order.

Dave Sharp _________________________

The following New York Times article from July 8, 1998 describes the mine in Kosovo, thereby putting the current NATO-Kosovo conflict in context.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: U.S. intelligence has apparently blocked access to It is my understanding that this web site contains information about the coveted mines in Kosovo.]


The New York Times Foreign Desk (page A4) 7-8-98

Stari [Trg] Journal Below It All in Kosovo, A War's Glittering Prize

By Chris Hedges

The metal cage tumbled to the guts of the Stari [Trg] mine, with its glittering veins of lead, zinc, cadmium, gold and silver, its stagnant pools of water and muck, its steamy blasts, its miles of dank, gloomy tunnels and its vast stretches of Stygian darkness.

As the iron box rattled and squealed on the ear-popping journey, dropping at 18 feet a second, it left behind the potent symbols of nationalism and ethnic identity scattered in disarray on the ground above. Instead, in the shrill cacophony, it exposed the real worth of Kosovo.

The medieval Serbian monasteries and churches, crumbling mosques with silver domes and spindly minarets and a dark stone tower brooding over the Field of Blackbirds, where the Turks wiped out Serbian nobles 600 years ago and began 500 years of Ottoman rule, seemed to evaporate in the thin air.

The fighting between the rebels of the Kosovo Liberation Army, with their intoxicating visions of an independent state, and the 50,000 Serbian soldiers and special policemen, who rule the province of Kosovo like a plantation, touched no one here. Neither did the rattle of gunfire, the thud of mortars, the anguish of refugees and bodies of the recently killed.

Half a mile underground, hissing rubber air hoses were looped along tunnel walls and small lights hooked on the hard hats of miners bobbed in the inky universe. Worm-like diesel loaders roared through the corridors, laden with sparkling ore, and huge drills snarled and spat at the rock.

''There is over 30 percent lead and zinc in the ore,'' said Novak Bjelic, the mine's beefy director. ''The war in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else. This is Serbia's Kuwait -- the heart of Kosovo. We export to France, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Russia and Belgium.

''We export to a firm in New York, but I would prefer not to name it. And in addition to all this Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves. Naturally, the Albanians want all this for themselves.''

The sprawling state-owned Trepca mining complex, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, is worth at least $5 billion and has made millions of dollars for the Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic, according to his critics. Serbia and its junior partner, Montenegro, are what remains of Yugoslavia.

In March 1989, Mr. Milosevic revoked the autonomous status given to the ethnic Albanians, who make up 90 percent of the two million people in Kosovo, and he has refused to return any kind of self-governance. He is trying to crush a mounting armed resistance to his rule, and it appears that the mines, at least for a while, will earn him even more money.

The Stari [Trg] mine, with its warehouses, is ringed with smelting plants, 17 metal treatment sites, freight yards, railroad lines, a power plant and the country's largest battery plant.

''In the last three years we have mined 2,538,124 tons of lead and zinc crude ore,'' said Mr. Bjelic, 58, ''and produced 286,502 tons of concentrated lead and zinc and 139,789 tons of pure lead, zinc, cadmium, silver and gold.''

When the Nazis seized this corner of the Balkans in 1941, they handed over the hovels in Pristina, the provincial capital, to the Italian fascists. But they kept the British-built Trepca mines for the Reich, shipping out wagonloads of minerals for weapons and producing the batteries that powered the U-boats. Submarine batteries, along with ammunition, are still produced in the Trepca mines. The mining history reaches back to the Romans, who hacked out silver from the quarries.

In 1988, as Yugoslavia began to disintegrate, the fiercest resistance to Mr. Milosevic's vision of a Serb-dominated Yugoslavia roared out of the shafts of the four Trepca mines.

Angered by the growth of the Serbian nationalist movement led by Mr. Milosevic, the ethnic Albanian miners, who made up 75 percent of the 23,000 employees, shut down the mines and organized a 30-mile-long protest march to Pristina. They carried photos of Tito and Yugoslav flags adorned with the Communist red star. The fealty shown to the old Yugoslavia appears naive and quaint given the armed rebellion under way in the province.

''We believed in Yugoslavia,'' said Burhan Kavaja, the former director of the Stari [Trg] mine, who was dismissed and imprisoned after the first strike. ''We wanted to belong. You would never see an Albanian carry the state flag today. This conflict will only end now with our independence. Until then the Serbs will loot the mineral wealth of Kosovo.''

Mr. Milosevic promised the strikers that he would respect the province's autonomy and remove nationalist Serbs from positions of power. The miners returned to the shafts.

A year later the miners, realizing that they had been betrayed, began a series of hunger strikes and occupied the mines. The mine protests led to general strikes throughout Kosovo, making Trepca the nerve center of the resistance movement.

Serbian special policemen eventually seized the mine, carrying weakened miners out on stretchers. When the province's autonomy was revoked, a state of emergency was declared. The ethnic Albanian miners were replaced with Poles, Czechs and -- later -- Muslim prisoners of war captured by the Serbs in Bosnia.

These days, no more than 15 percent of the current 15,000 mine workers are of Albanian origin, the Government says, and most ethnic Albanians insist that the figures vastly overestimate their numbers.

Branimir Dimitrijevic, one of the mine's managers, waded through a corridor filled with water, slime and mud that reached up and wrapped itself around his black rubber boots. A huge Swedish iron-cutting machine, one of four in the mine, whirled and belched like some deep-sea monster. Spotlights mounted on its cab lit up a vein of ore, and as the minerals oxidized, creating a suffocating heat, the miners were left gulping for air.

The workers, bare-chested and blackened with grime in the vast sweat house, stood aside when a trolley loaded with chunks of rock rumbled down a tunnel on the iron tracks.

A few days ago, Mr. Dimitrijevic received the disturbing news that a factory two miles away, where clothing for the miners is produced, had been seized by the rebels. Armed separatist guerrillas now guard the gates, and Serbs avoid the dirt road to the factory. No one has yet tried to take it back.

''We will never give up Trepca!'' he shouted over the drilling. ''Serbs will fight to defend the mine. It is ours. We know how to make war if this is what the Albanians want.

''When they come to take my brother, then I will take three Albanians to my private prison until he is released. This is the only way to fight. This is the only language the Albanians understand.''

-- Andy (, April 15, 1999


What does this have to with y2k? Forgive me but this forum has really gotten off topic lately- I guess all the "cool" people didn't leave a few weeks ago they just took over.

-- Tonto (, April 15, 1999.

According to wee Andy, EVERYTHING is related to Y2K, from UFO sightings to the way Dan Quayle spells. That's cause Andy is a fart-catching, paranoid, gloomer who has seen one too many X-files.

-- Y2K Pro (, April 15, 1999.


>"Is the Balkans conflict a power grab for mining rights?"

Do you have the intellectual honesty, courtesy, and discipline to restrict your postings like this one to other forums where they would be on-topic, rather than on this forum where they are off-topic?

Why don't you post your political attacks on an appropriate forum such as The Government of the United States at f%20the%20United%20States and then post a short reference on this forum with a link to your posting on the other forum?

-- No Spam Please (, April 15, 1999.

Yes Andy, that is part of the objective, as well as oil resources. This military action has been planned for quite some time by the leaders of the New World Order.

Their main goal is to create the illusion that NATO's "World Army" is not yet powerful enough to control these outbreaks of anarchy by instilling fear into the member nations in that area of the world.

In addition, by spending huge amounts of government monies and destroying the infrastructure, they will put these nations so far in debt that the elite power bankers of the world will virtually control the future course of our lives.

By making it appear that these nations are not yet strong enough to suppress such dictators (which they are doing a good job of), they will rally support and more member nations to fund an increase in the size of the world army.

At some point in the very near future it will become obvious that we must submit to this New World Order, and they will have so much military and economic power that we will have no choice but to do so.

-- @ (@@@.@), April 15, 1999.

No Spam,

Who made you the censor here?

What right have you to say this is off topic?

"Do you have the intellectual honesty, courtesy, and discipline to restrict your postings like this one to other forums where they would be on-topic, rather than on this forum where they are off-topic?"


-- Andy (, April 15, 1999.


Drudge reports today 30,000 reserves to be called up to bolster our troop strength. Watched some serb tv on cspan today, there is alot of angry people in eastern europe right now. NATO is on the shitlist for shure. I was kind of hoping that the reserves would bolster the gaurd if y2k gets out of hand. It seems like every move congress makes is more barbaric. Todays tax cut for the rich, sneaking it through after an "oops" by NATO, after bald face lies.

Y2KPro and Tonto---- Know your enimies!

-- R. Wright (, April 15, 1999.

--yes it is. In addition, there's been a power struggle going on for the zillion buck drug smuggling turf and money laundering-there's been a triad-the cia/king faction, the turks, and the russky mafia/serbs. the cia/king faction is being backed by the european bankers-money launderers, and our domestic industrial weapons boys. They also want the oil in the adriatic--probably the #2 un exploited big pool left. The kla was taken over and funded primarily by the german banking cartel, and now the king/cia have joined with them for this lucrative business, which heretofore was run by the turks to the serbs/russky mafia. How it fits into y2k is that for martial law to have a good chance of succeeding in the US, patriotic generals are being sent overseas, and the NWO goon generals and the civvie police goons will have free reign here. Another reason why they needed a big land war, to get a big part of the reserves and guard overseas or under direct .mil control. I know I predicted a big ground war for this time frame in late 97. Y2k is not going away, and the king and his goons want to stay in power at any cost. The next ratcheting up will be phony domestic terrorism, with contrived attacks on a big scale against a city or something-poof-instant martial law in advance of any y2k problems, and not many folks complaining about it, either. The sheeple will just line right up and keep on grazing. And the spin to minimalize and even stop reporting on y2k is fully complete. Look at who owns the mass media, and you'll see why on that score. So that's the four big reasons for the war--works out just dandy for the globalists, doesn't it? It's always sound political and military tactics to take liabilities and turn them into assets.

-- zog (, April 15, 1999.


Fits in with ny hunches although you are filling in more details. Thanks. Keep posting.

-- Andy (, April 16, 1999.

NSP>>"Do you have the intellectual honesty, courtesy, and discipline to restrict your postings like this one to other forums where they would be on-topic, rather than on this forum where they are off-topic?"


Folks, there you have it. Andy's answer.

-- No Spam Please (, April 16, 1999.

No Spam,

You're beginning to irritate me with you're constant baiting - so how about this for a litlle intellectual honesty - FUCK the FUCK OFF OUT OF MY FACE!

Happy now?

Have a nice day ;)

-- Andy (, April 16, 1999.

Zog, you got it.

Don't discount the fact that the European Socialists and elitist bankers DON'T WANT ANY nationalism rising it's head ANYWHERE in Europe. Thus the prodding of NATO into Kosovo, in which our U.S. king was only TOO eager to oblige for his own selfish reasons.

Couple the giving away of strategic land areas in the U.S. by Clinton (World Heritage Sites, Rivers and Waterways Initiatives) by E.O., with what you contributed above - and you have the mechanism for which the UN stamps out the toughest nationalistic state in one fell-swoop. You guessed it, the good ol' U. S. of A. A divided nation already, ripe for the squelching, and many, many nations hungry for our carcass.

Throw N. Korea, China/Taiwaan, India/Pakistan and Russia into the mix and stir in the unknown variables that Y2K will bring - shake vigorously into global turmoil - and wala! You have the emergence of a global system with a smoking hole in the Earth where the U.S. and Britain used to be.

What remnant remains of us will make the slavery at the time of the Exodus look like a picnic.

I know it's too hard for most folks to hear or contemplate, but I prefer to look the inevitable head-on as opposed to pretending these things don't exist. I know, I only happens OVER THERE.

The world is a dangerous place children. Best wake up to that reality, lest you find yourselves under the boot of a really-pissed- off foreign-national.

Y2K is only a catalyst, a trigger.

What's in store may be much worse than ANY of us contemplate.

Bank runs, food lines and dark frozen cities may be the LEAST of our problems.

-- INVAR (, April 16, 1999.

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