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I have a P166MMX , ATI 3D GRaphics Expression, 48mb, and Windows NT 4.0, 36x cd rom. Whatever I do, I cannot get VCD's to run with newest Media Player or XingMPEG. I get the message in XingMPEG when I click on the DAT file: Cannot use this MCI device to open this file, may be corrupt, or unable to open, etc... I know the cd's are fine.

What's the matter?

-- Alex Roman (, April 15, 1999


You should have gotten linux! Seriously, Windows NT has a severly badly done core (Which all linux users agree with all versions of windows), and is practically an archetype. NT is infamous wiht it's incompatabilities. If you've ever used BASIC before programming is simpily can do or can't do, so you might be led to say that Bill Gates put those errors in intentionally...

-- Akilt (noyb@noneofyourbusiness.not), November 02, 2004.

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