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Just was wondering if anyone has any updates on the NG mobilization test that is (was?) supposed to occur around the first of May?

As I remember that was discussion about what this was all about but I havn't seen anything in a while. Have the European events pushed this into the background clutter?

Anyone got any updates?

Any NG personnel care to comment?


-- x (, April 15, 1999


From x -

Last I heard the test is still on. However, be aware that the test is not really a mobilization test as much as it is a communications test - rather like the electrical test of the 9 April. They are simply going to see if their old timey radio communications will work and they can call up the troops without benefit of phone, radio/television and satellite communication. My husband is going to Guard Friday and I'll have him listen around to see if there is anything new.

-- Valkyrie (, April 15, 1999.


Hubby received a call from the base last Thursday. They wanted him to return the call and verify his address and telephone number. He was informed that they will be having annual training this year but it will be held on base (usually they travel out of the state to do their two week annual training).FWIW

-- Sharon (, April 15, 1999.

Does ANYONE know the Shortwave frequency the Guard uses??

-- K Stevens (k, April 16, 1999.

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