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In the FAQ, it was indicated that when playing a HK movie VCD with dual-voice track (ie Mandarin & Cantonese) on a PC, one should turn off one of the voice channel. This was what I have been trying to do but have not found the way. Please advise how I am supposed to do it? Thanks.

-- Jung Zen (, April 15, 1999


Double click on the spekar icon in the taskbar. Slide the balance arrow for the master either to the left or right. CH1 is usually Left and CH2 is usually Right. For easier usability use a software player like ZingMPEG or PowerDVD. For XINGMpeg Click Settings and then Audio. From there select spekare Right or Left. For PowerDVD click on the Microphone icon to select CH1 or click on the Speaker Icon to select CH1 or CH2. By the way XING is the only player I know of that creates a "phantom stereo" no matter which spekare you choose. PowerDVD only creates a "phantom stereo" when CH1 is selected.

-- Will Shakes (, April 15, 1999.

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