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Hi Everyone.

Just a note to tell you that Diana & Eddie from are the greatest folks! If you haven't bought a lantern and stove yet, DO IT NOW!

I just got my 3rd. order from them (for my husband's parents). They took a week or 2 more than I was quoted, but it was worth the wait.

I signed up for the special prepay order and saved a few bucks. I guess this whole y2k thing is getting me more and more paranoid... I'm kinda happy that there's no credit card records of my survival purchases anyway.

On a side note:

I had ordered the same lantern (petromax) from Geniol USA down there in Florida and they had the same situation and wouldn't even accept my credit card. They made me prepay and when they sent out the lantern and it had a broken globe and was dented. They were the NASTIEST people!! Some guy named Matthew called me a "bitch" and told me I was lucky enough to get anything at all since Y2k had almost wiped out their inventory.

I called Britelyt and their technician Eddie sent me replacement parts for the lamp and walked me through the installation when they came. Now THESE people are great!! That's why I ordered the next lanterns from them instead of Geniol.

Unlike the prior posts, I DO know how to leave a link: :)


-- Alice Becton (, April 14, 1999.

-- Alice Becton (, April 15, 1999


I dropped them a e-mail asking if Diana has time, could she comment on the credit Card threads. We'll see.


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 15, 1999.

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