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The web option is cool. The notice about it is the first thing at the top of the alert (again, if the copy I received of the alert is in its original form). For sure, it shouldn't be the very first thing they see. And I think the best location for the notice about it would be under the instructions section and I would suggest that it read [deletions are in brackets]:

INSTRUCTIONS TO RESPOND [VIA EMAIL]: If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this alert by going to the following URL: http://actionnetwork.org/take-action.tcl?key=48194A385B923973833C77219

[If you do not have access to a web browser, you can take still take action by replying to this email.]

Or you can simply reply to this email. Responding via email to this alert is easy. Choose the reply to sender option....(continue on the same). What do you think and would it be possible to do this?

-- Anonymous, April 14, 1999

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