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I am not trying to be disrespectful, I am just curious if you are a GI or a DGI or a DWGI. I thought I knew at first but now I am not so sure. Is someone out their posting doomer type posts in your name? Some of the last ones have been FDIC imspector general worried about accuracy of banks Y2K examinations, Y2K fixes pass the test, FAA says, Y2K bug won't be as bad as feared, and New report says 80 percent of computer systems already fixed, companies urged to prepare for Y2K power outages. I appreciate the time it takes you to find and cut and paste these articles because I like to know both sides of the story and sometimes the forum can be unbalanced. I myself am neither a GI or a DGI, I am just someone who is preparing just in case everything is not as rosy as they say.

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999


In actuality, I am scared as hell of Y2K. I post these happy face stories so I can read them at night before I go to sleep. Otherwise, I tend to lie awake and wet the bed worrying about the other issues raised on this forum.

-- Norm (, April 14, 1999.


It is good to know that you are a real person I know in the past you have been acused of being a computer. But aren't you worried that people may look at your posts and decide not to prepare? Oh, well I guess if that was the case they could look anywhere on the news or in the papers. Everything I have come across is a happy face report. Guess I answered my own question, huh. Hang in there.

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999.


As you can imagine, the person above is not the real Norm. I post positive stories to provide some semblance of balance on an otherwise negative forum. I don't refer to myself by any of those useless and sophomoric names (GI, DGI), I am simply Norm, a guy looking for fairness and balance.

-- The real Norm (, April 14, 1999.


Ok, now I see. I am so confused now. I think the Dieter thing is about to happen here as well. I can see where this is going. Ok, now everyone time to jump in and really confuse me. Well whether you are scared of Y2k or you are simply looking for balance Good luck to you in your preparations. I am looking for balance too. Only I am not having much luck because EVERYONE blows this problem off, the news, the papers, family, friends, EVERYONE I TELL YA! Only the people on this forum and the voices in my head tell me to prepare anyway. And I am in noway at all some sort of crazy realigious, cult follower, or survialist type. Ok, I said I have voices in my head but you know what I mean. I am not schitzo.

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999.

Schizophrenia isn't as bad as they try to tell us, Shellie.

Hang in there. Not literally, of course.

-- Norm (, April 14, 1999.

Hey, I'M the REAL Norm. Those other guys are fakers.

"Al Gore"

-- Norm (, April 14, 1999.

Back off, Al.

It's really me! Dave Barry.

-- Norm (, April 14, 1999.

NO NO NO, It is really me. I posted the question to myself just to have someone to talk to me. I'm so lonely. ~;^D

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999.

They think they are not Norm, but are pretending to be Norm. That is the first step to becoming Norm. Norm is.

-- Norm (, April 14, 1999.

eh????? There's those pesky voices again........

-- shellie eh...Norm (, April 14, 1999.

We are NORM You will be ASSIMILATED Resistance is FUTILE!

-- Bob Dobbler (, April 14, 1999.

Well -whichever of you is whichever of you - you've succeeded in adding 8 new threads - maybe we need a permanent "Norm@ NewWorldOrder" thread - so you can keep us updated with what the mainstream press considers news.

Anyway - whichever of you is whoever of you - Thanks for the messages.

And personally - I think somebody is spamming poor "original" Norm - and sending gloomy posts now, rather than his earlier "optimistic" posts, but then again, maybe there are no "optimistic" posts to be copied, so he had to send his (your, mine, hers, ours, Algore's) daily quota of quotes quoting less optimistic quoters from the quorum of global quoters quoting things already quoted from other quoters in Washington.

-- Robert A Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, April 14, 1999.

daily quota of quotes quoting less optimistic quoters from the quorum of global quoters quoting things already quoted from other quoters in Washington.

can you say that again 3 times fast???????

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999.

Bob, What we really need is a patch to the software that would automatically put all new threads by Norm (and his next name, make it a junklist.txt) that would automatically send it to its own category and keep the vacuous articles off of the main area. After all, over 10% of the threads are started by "Norm". This is why threads rolloff so quickly into the black hole of non-searchable categories.

One would hope that "Norm" would be polite enough not to litter this forum, but the concept of manners has been lost on much of the younger generation. Let's hope they grow into civility.

-- Ken Seger (, April 14, 1999.

BTW, I confess that the "AlGore" Norm above was me. This has been the best thread of the week so far IMO. I swear that's my own NORMal thought so far, however. Wouldn't it be a kick if Al really WERE Norm, though? Heck, I would change sides and vote for him in an instant, just for the sheer creativity of it.

-- BigDog (, April 14, 1999.

Norm is actually Ken Starr needing something else to do...

-- anita (, April 14, 1999.

(rumors are flying that Norm is Shelli01 as well as several other people) (or AI programs)

Three sharps in 4/4

I am Norm

As you are Norm

As we are Norm

And we are all together

See how he posts, making the New Questions toast, See how he runs (on and on)

I'm crying

I am the Norm-man, they are the Norm-man, I am the Walrus

GooGoo g' joob

Mister city Postman posting pretty little posts all in a row.

See how Norm fly like Koskinen on high see how Norm run (on and on)

I'm crying, I'm crying....I'm Crying...I'm Crying

-- John & Paul (johnandpaul@abbeyroad.c0m), April 14, 1999.

Nah, I used to communicate with Shellie via e-mail, she is not Norm. She is a woman, like me, who lives in Texas, like me. (But she is not me. I am me. Preparing. Anyone care to be me? I'm up for a little Multiple Personality Disorder...)

-- preparing (, April 14, 1999.

Preparing-- Thank you for clearing my name. How have you been? I lost all my e-mail buddies when I had to reload windows. Nice to hear from you again.

-- shellie (, April 14, 1999.

Who was that masked man?

-- Roy Bean (, April 14, 1999.

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