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Yes, Virginia, there is The Onion. It is an internet and print satirical periodical. (free on the Internet, available at some newstands and by subscription in print) Well-written, timely, belly-laugh-inducing. There's even been a Y2K headline in recent months. If you are suffering from "seriousness overdose" wander over, set your bookmark. New issues monthly, and extensive archives available.

The Onion

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 14, 1999


also check out their new book, "Our Dumb Century", which you can buy here. And read the Wired article about them, too. You won't find a bigger ONION disciple than yours truly... better strap on your sense of the absurd, though...


-- Scott Johnson (, April 14, 1999.

Let's try that ONION book purchase link again, shall we?


-- Scott Johnson (, April 14, 1999.

Sheesh, one more try...



-- Scott Johnson (, April 14, 1999.

Okay, the Web goblin is acting up, so instead try this page from the Onion's site...


-- Scott Johnson (, April 14, 1999.

Thanks for the persistence Scott.

Do you realize, a hundred years from now, people could believe this "was the way it was."



-- Diane J. Squire (, April 14, 1999.

One of my gazillion favorite films, "Sirens",...has some fine satiric moments, and I recommend it heartily, but I digress. Following up on The Onion and Diane's comment, the film there are some neat spots with satire. 1) One of the main characters is viewed at least three times reading the local newspaper, and all the headlines are dismal,..."Snake eats local child",..."Train Wreck Kills 20",... 2)Three of the main characters (the sirens), all their fathers are dead,...killed by shark attack. They all take it in stride, albeit solemnly. Reminds me so much of some of The Onion stuff: "Man Found Mummified On His Couch Surrounded By Hostess Ding-Dong Wrappings, Authorities Baffled"

lordy! I love reading ads for snakeoil, and foma masquerading as fact. Tickles my innards and warms the cockles of my heart.

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 14, 1999.

Some of my personal favorites from The Onion Archives:

73 Percent Of Americans Unable To Believe This Shit

And since I come from good Montana hillbilly stock I feel safe to post this one:

The Hillbillies Have The Bomb

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 14, 1999.

And for the religion and superstion-wry among us:

Vatican Recinds Blessed Status Of World's Meek:"Screw The Meek", Says Pope

Angels, Aliens Battle For Imagination of American People

-- Donna Barthuley (, April 14, 1999.

Have they had any good stuff about Duct Tape?

-- Rob Michaels (, April 14, 1999.


You really MUST write the difinitive Duct Tape commentary!


-- Diane J. Squire (, April 15, 1999.

LOL. I will consider it if S.O.B. will act as leading consultant and Subject Matter Expert!

-- Rob Michaels (, April 15, 1999.

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