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In Taiwan we are use to sell goods by buying one and getting one free, can you show me how MSP/A calculate the commission for salesman in this situation? Another question, can you show me the exactly rules that MSP/A calculate for OVERSTOCK LIST? I appreciate you help Best Regards Eamon

-- Eamon Lin (, April 13, 1999


Hallo Eamon,

to the first question: If you say "getting one free", than this means (I guess) sales without sales-price. In ohter words: without turnover. The commission-calculation is based on the turnover. If you have had one invoice-line without turnover (because it was free, a gift), than you will get no commission in MSP/A.

second question: We are talking about the list s033. The programm calculates first the average monthly consumption (amc) from the last 12 monthes. You can verify the amc with program dispo1. Than we calculate the stock we will sale in the future (next 12 month) based on the amc. The stock, which we have more than we need for the next 12 month is responsible for the devaluation concerning PAP.

Example: Actual stock: 2000, sold quantity in the last 12 month: 360 -> average monthly consumption=30. overstock = 2000 - 360 = 1640. This is overstock for 54 monthes (1640 / 30 = 54). This means, we have to devalue the total stock (2000) with 60% concerning definition in PAP (54 monthes = 4 years -> devaluation is 60% for 4 years overstock).

I hope, these explanations can help.

Regards Matthias

-- Matthias Moehring (, April 15, 1999.

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