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Hello everyone!

Almost a month later than I originally intended (not quite bad, considering that most projects usually take twice as long :) I decided to put online my new Flux Site: "Der Ewigkeiten Strom".

Naturally no site is 100% finished upon release; yet there are already some interesting items that I'm sure you will enjoy. These include MPG / G2 videos of the infamous Pepsi Cindy/Flux Spot, lots of audio samples, a nice character page and a couple of new Fan Images.

You're also invited to check out the discussion board and join us on the Java Chat. Or perhaps you'd like to try out the unique Fluxnews script, where you can easily create newsitems on your own for everyone to read on the site's very mainpage.

To finally put this shameless plug to an end and avoid being sued by a bunch of people who fell asleep and accidently slammed into their keyboard while reading this I will just post the URL now:

I run, you cover, Marc

-- Marc Floessel (, April 13, 1999


Needless to say, Marc's new site is of top quality, improving upon 'Eniac Blast'. Do yourself a favour and go see. :-)

-- Philip Mills (, April 13, 1999.

And you Americans, do yourselves a favOr! Hee...hee... All jokes aside, Marc is running another outstanding site - check it out now! Even included a link to my page, bless 'im!

-- Charlie Princeton (, April 13, 1999.

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