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At the end of his latest Westergaard article, The "Real" Y2K Problem , Jim Lord states that he's stepping down as a weekly columnist at Westergaard to reportedly spend time on a broader range of topics. He notes that he "asked to be released for personal reasons" and that he'll continue to do a weekly column at his own site ( He'll be less visible, that's certain. Being published at Westergaard has much more "weight" than a personal Website.

Less than nine months left and the "facts on the ground" continue to change...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), April 12, 1999


Here's a snip...


And what about Window Number Three. According to the recent Senate Y2K Report several important sectors are stuck here. They're on a collision course and have no plans or capability to change their fate. They are on track to strike the Y2K iceberg. They include:

1. Half of the small governmental entities in the country. Cities, towns, counties, school districts, water conservancy boards, etc.

2. Half of the small businesses in the country. These constitute the bottom end of the supply chain for much of large business and the federal government. I wonder how many tens of thousands of small businesses provide critical spare parts to the U.S. military? My informal research indicates zero effort by the military to determine the Y2K compliance of any of these vendors.

3. Eighty percent or more of developing countries of the world. They provide many critical goods, most notably oil. 4. The Healthcare industry, which accounts for one seventh of the economy.

If Y2K consisted of nothing but the four items above, it would be a major problem. I'm no economist but there are enough seeds here alone for a recession it seems to me.


-- Kevin (, April 12, 1999.

Good one Mac.

It's been a wonderful ride but it's time to move on. -- Jim Lord

His web-site ...

Time ... moves on ... as well. Tick tock.

Thank You, Jim!


-- Diane J. Squire (, April 12, 1999.

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