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I was just thinking about a skit that Rowan and Martin did some time back when the ZIP code business was first being introduced. Guess that kind of dates me, along with Old Git. Anyway, they played a Clerk and Postmaster as follows:

Clerk: Sir, I just don't understand this new Zip Code business.

Postmaster: Just what is so confusing, son?

Clerk: Well sir, this 60666, just what does it mean to us?

Postmaster: Well son it's easy. The 60 indicates that it is going to a midwest area. The next 66 indicates it is going to Chicago. And the last 6 indicates it is going to a place in the NW sector of Chicago.

Clerk: You mean, like this address on the envelope, ABC Corp, 8751 NW 197th Street, Chicago, Illinois?

Postmaster: Give me that letter son, I think you may be on to something here!

Could this possibly be the contingency plan for USPS? Or is the rumor about them looking into reactivating the Pony Express true? If anyone gets any firm information on this please start a thread immediately. Just remember who you heard it from first! :-)

-- Whetherman (whetherman@storm.warning), April 12, 1999

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