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Tim Mellstrom Professional Journal 2 Med. IF Sports Administrators remain disturbed as U.S. acts on gender-equity complaints.

This article deals with the gender equity at several colleges throughout the United States. The question deals with the title ix laws, which promotes equal opportunities, proportional spending as compared to the male athletes and sports. At the time the article was written 25 complaints had been filed against prominent college athletic departments. Eight complaints have been dismissed and the rest were close to settling the complaints.

The complaints were filed by the National Womens law center and they felt that female athletes were not receiving equal funding for scholarships. Their complaints were filed against colleges they believed to be at least five percentage points lower than the what would be proportional for females to males at a proportional level of athletic participation.

The office of civil rights at this time has not found any of the colleges in violation of the 1972 title ix amendment. Misinformation and inaccurate statistics lead the national womens law center to believe several colleges to be in violation of title ix. Most of the colleges funding did favor male programs, but they were within the one percentile range. Most school percentages fluctuate due to athletes leaving school, losing their scholarship, and graduation. .

The other colleges that had not settled their disputes are in the process of having the complaint dismissed or they are in the process of making amends for being in violation.

I feel that females and males should have equal opportunities provided for them. I also think it is important that civil rights groups are checking the colleges and universities to make sure they are in compliance with title ix. I also believe that it is good to see that the majority of the colleges and universities mentioned in this article met the title ix amendment and for those that didnt they were making the necessary arrangement to be in compliance.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 1999

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