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Drew: I posted the latest failures thread (part 4) yesterday, which included links to the three previous threads. So everything is on this latest thread.

-- Rob Michaels (, April 12, 1999



Saw it, got it, will post it Friday. One fellow on the euy2k forum said he'd found some errors in those examples, but he hasn't gotten back to me with specifics (yet, anyway). I said, hey, they're just reports, mainly from the major media. If someone can document where any are wrong, let me know. So I'll probably put that caveat up on the site Friday (but it's no reflection on your hard work in gathering these- I'm just letting you know in advance).

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (, April 13, 1999.

Thanks Drew. Perhaps the person is referring to any remarks I make when posting a failure, since sometimes I put in two cents. You may want to note that all of my remarks are enclosed in parenthesis just before the actual post of the failure. Otherwise, the threads are just copied/pasted from the links.

p.s. Since some time has gone by since I posted the original list, it is possible that not all the links, especailly the older ones, are still active.

-- Rob Michaels (, April 14, 1999.


no, the reference was to the examples themselves. however, i haven't seen clear proof as yet that any of them were wrong. but, it wouldn't be surprising for some reports from the major media to get parts of y2k wrong. even so, the lists are worth posting, regardless. if someone finds & documents errors, that's fine with me. we're all only after the truth here, after all...

-- Drew Parkhill/CBN News (, April 14, 1999.

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