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Hi, I need some information that perhaps anyone could advise me. I would like to know if there is any softwares or free software that allows me to make a VCD with copy protection on it. Pherhaps that, someone can tells me how to do it.

I am making a VCD for our company project materials, so we can protect the VCD.


--Ricky Chow (, April 11, 1999

-- Ricky Chow (, April 12, 1999


The site your in is packed with cracks for nearly every level of protection made. I looked at companies that will provide protection, but at a sizable cost; ultimately, 1 hour on the internet and your protection is cracked and the software is shared. If it's for your fellow employees, put serial numbers in the body and keep track of those and fire the ones that distribute it. However, I did check one place in Kentucky that sells cheaper, try or to protect video tapes

-- jim (, April 12, 2001.

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