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So little time, so many targets

The bombs continue to fall in Yugoslavia, delayed only by weather. NATO officials now admit the seige will most likely be a long one. But to what end? Career military officials say the war can't be won in the air alone and some question whether it can be won at all. Others say there is no strategic sense to the Kosovo campaign and it serves no national interest. But the bombing continues. And continues. And continues.

James talks with Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson about opposition to Bill Clinton's Kosovo war from, of all people, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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-- Andy (, April 12, 1999


I thought this was a Y2K site? Why does this Andy person keep posting propoganda about Kosovo?

-- Really (tired@ofAndy.spropoganda), April 12, 1999.

Don't you just love the way some foreigners come over here and become instant experts on what's wrong with the US, the President, the Senate and Congress? But they seem to think it's okay to take the money from our greedy capitalistic corporations and enjoy our highly immoral materialistic lifestyle. Can they find nothing positive to say about the US? No? Then why in tarnation are they here???

-- me (, April 12, 1999.

You morons really are "tired." What a wanton display of willfull ignorance!

This president will be in office during Y2k rollover, quite probably overseeing a general condition of martial law. It looks like this war could still be complicating, and being complicated by, Y2k problems into the next century - especially if we send ground troops. If war is declared, or even if it's not, attitudes (such as yours, trumpeted here) of censorship, self-censorship and blind obedience to authority will prevail; this is likely to justify further misinformation and lack of accountability RE Y2k. And so on...

You people are happy to have "a few" foreign schoolyards and apartment buildings saturated with civilian blood and guts, as long as you get your whopper with cheese. You're just fine with a media blackout, as long as you can still see "Ally McBeal." And when someone gives you a small dose of truth, you lash out. God bless America. With baggage like you weighing down the Republic, we need all the divine blessing we can get.


-- Dano (bookem@blacksand.srf), April 12, 1999.

"Can they find nothing positive to say about the US? No? Then why in tarnation are they here??? "

Although not a "foreigner", I guess I'm guilty too. I mean no offense to USA loyalists. I love the USA, but am very concerned with the substantial changes taking place since about 1933 (increased Federal Government role, with resulting Socialism). There are numerous sources of information explaining how the Federal Government grew in violation of the US Constitution. I could post links, but I assume the interested parties already have them.

Only a few years ago, I took mainstream media as "Gospel". With access to more (yes, sometimes wrong) information, I find that the US mass-media is extremely biased towards a Socialist, "Multi-cultural" and militarily aggressive format.

I think these issues (no matter which "side of the fence" you are on) are critical to predicting Y2K fallout. Those of us who expect some Y2K problems are trying to predict the likely outcomes.

-- Anonymous99 (, April 12, 1999.


Many THANKS for you informative factual and timely posts. Your tremendous efforts are appreciated.

Those who attack you have nothing to offer to this forum. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure who they are.

You can bet as the facts come forward they will become more and more hysterical in their postings.


-- Ray (, April 12, 1999.

Yes, thank you, Andy! I feel that you bring a dose of much needed intelligence to this forum, and that you're articles are truthfull, intelligent, and RELEVENT to the topic of Y2K. I hope you continue to post them, as I enjoy reading them! :)

-- Crono (, April 12, 1999.

Ditto, Andy. You've been providing valuable news items and commentary for a long time now, and not just on this highly relevant topic. Keep up the good work.


-- Dano (bookem@blacksand.srf), April 12, 1999.

Dear "tired",

I am one of those "dorn" foreigners as well. Growing up in Berlin, Germany about 200 yards away from the Berlin Wall I always perceived the United States to be the Country of unlimited opportunity, Justice and Freedom. My schoolyard was bordering to an old brewery that the U.S. Army used to train house to house combat during school hours. During lunch breaks we would venture over there, the troops would break in their wargames and kindly share their chocolate and canned cookies with us. They tasted crappy, but for us they might as well been gold bars. They came from our "friends". The country John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant are from.

I grew up with a deep love for everything that was american. I watched every movie, listen to american music and read tons of books about this great country called the United States of America. Reading the constitution it was so obvious to me that these people really "understood" what it meant to be free. Without soldiers pointing guns at you. Without a wall...

Well, time has passed. When I was 19 I fulfilled a dream and immigrated into this great country. Hitchhiking across this nation I met tons of people and fell in love with this country even more. I eventually met the woman of my dreams and settled in Texas. "Remember the Alamo" - What an awesome state it is.

By now you are wondering why I am giving you all this unimportant information... I do so to make you understand that I do not "hate" america...

However, I have to repond to your posting and ask you a couple of question...

Just because I am not born here does not give me the right to critizise...? What about free speech..?

Just because I am not born here does not allow us to make suggestion on how to improve things...???

Just because I am not born here I am not allowed to talk about the U.S. Goverment..?

Just because I am not born here I have to "love" the restrictions of freedom every day...?

Just because I am not born here I am suppose to be quiet when we violate everything this country has stood for..?

Ohhh and by the way I do pay a TON of taxes...

The framers off the constitution would turn around in their graves if they would see what freedoms people "allowed" to be taken away from them.

And yes... I am actively contemplating of returning to the country of my birth... Germany... For me unfathomable - but true...

And you "tired" better be a 100% native American...

-- STFrancis (, April 12, 1999.

Slick's got nowhere to go with this past another 30 days or so of bombing. That the military despises him is old news, though accurate and relevant.

He needs to end this BEFORE too much pressure is brought on him by McCain, others, for ground troops, since he is smart enough to know ground troops will be a disaster. Unless his controls over-rule him for purposes of their own.

-- BigDog (, April 12, 1999.

Thanks as always Andy. Keep dishing out the truth.

I know the American folk don't want to see or hear truth anymore....but give it to us anyway.

'Cause when we're a smoldering ruin, and the remnant are wandering around bewildered - asking "how could this have happened?", those of us that didn't shun truth, and proclaimed it loudly, and were persecuted for it, can look these imbeciles in the eye and say:

I tried to tell you, warn you. But you wouldn't listen. Now you're reaping what you've sown. Ypou've made your bed of roses, and now we ALL have to sleep in it.

You did it to yourselves.

You deserve it.

I told you so.

-- INVAR (, April 12, 1999.

DAMN STRAIGHT, INVAR!!! Thats's EXACTLY what I will say to those who chose their own selfish intrests and material wealth over truth, justice, and honor,all of wtich are on life support or dead (murdered)in the Klintoon administration. The american people have turned their backs on what america once stood for, and will soon get what they deserve... :( My response will be "DAMN YOU ALL, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Crono (, April 12, 1999.

...and AMEN Crono.

-- INVAR (, April 12, 1999.

This is a little thank you to Andy, Yuri, Texan, Invar, and all the rest who contrubute to "Andy" style of posts. A lot of effort has gone into these lengthy postings. I have learned so much from youall in the past two months. You have directed me to many alternative sources of information, and opinions that I didn't know how to find. I believe the worlds nukes are just as important a topic as the worlds power web or the worlds financial web. I don't really have the time to research some of these topics and am gratefull of others efforts. Once again good people keep up the good work.

-- R. Wright (, April 12, 1999.

one of the many questions floating around the retired military community here is why in the world there haven't been resignations at the Joint Chiefs level...looks like billy jeff managed to weed out any real leaders before they got that far.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, April 12, 1999.

Dear STFrancis,

HEaR ! Hear ! . Very well said .

Sometimes it takes a person from the "outside " to see America for what it is or has become .

Please I beg you do not leave our country we need more like you . :o) A real American .

-- MikeDear (, April 13, 1999.

Double ditto. I luv Andy and his sleuthing. The y2k newbies need exposure to the complete goings-on in this country. Gawd! He might just be responsible for waking up some of our fellow citizens. Go Andy Go. Go Go Go Go!

-- (, April 13, 1999.


It saddens me to see you report that you are contemplating that which was unthinkable when you first arrived. Your post has done much to show the native Americans (as opposed to indigenous Americans) that many of them have never experienced first hand what it can be like to have to do without some or all of their rights, God-given or otherwise, and therefore cannot fully appreciate what they have, much less its fragility, and the necessity to insure that they will continue to enjoy it only if they work and sacrifice to keep it. They (we) are losing it because they (we) have stopped making such sacrifices.

It is folks like you that this country needs the most, now, because you, and those like you, have experienced life without such rights and privileges, without such freedoms, and are therefore much more qualified to show others what life can be like without them. You are closer to the Founding Fathers than those who should learn from you.

Thank you for the lesson. I hope the class paid attention.

Regardless of your decision, no matter where you go, I wish you well.


-- LP (, April 13, 1999.

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