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I am interested in any sources, printed or anecdotal, regarding Prohibition in S.F. Aside from newspaper archives, there seems to be very little written on the subject. I would greatly appreciate family stories regarding that period. (I have some of my own.)

-- Don Martinich (, April 12, 1999


My great grandmother lived in North Beach. She made bootleg whiskey in the flat. Her daughter-in-law, my grandmother, remembered reluctantly opening the door to sell it to unsavory-looking men.

All the Italian families in North Beach made their own wine, which was legal. My mother remembers the flies and the smell.

My Great Uncle Mario, who passed away a few years ago, reminisced about driving a truck at night to the Half Moon Bay area, picking up alcohol that had been smuggled ashore, and driving it over the treacherous road over San Pedro Mountain.

Good luck in your search.

-- Joe Thompson (, May 02, 1999.

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