I never knew Christiane Amanpour (CNN ace reporter) was married to James Rubin (State dept.) - coincidence? I don't think so... check out this propaganda...

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US Media 'Propaganda'Blasted By Belgrade Academic Association

Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights


Note - Most everyone is aware of the intense propaganda both sides are using in the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia. Never have official government and mainstream media stories in a conflict come under closer scrutiny. We (Sightings on the Radio) continue to attempt to present relevant stories from all sides. Here is a message from what is called the 'Belgrade Academic Association For Equal Rights.' Dear friends, We are Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World, which fights for peace and equality of all people in the world. As non-government organization we want to inform you about all happenings in Yugoslavia in the principals of truthful informing.

Unfortunately, large media companies are conducting well-prepared information manipulation in order to hide large devastations and civilian casualties from world's public.

Targets of NATO bombers are also civilians - Serbians and Albanians. Their houses, schools, hospitals and churches are being demolished. We truly regret if we are disturbing you by this e-mail, and we are inviting you to visit our web-sites: www.aic.org.yu and www.barw.org.yu If you are interested, send us your opinions and observations via e-mail. Our e-mail address is: aic@barw.org.yu

Reaction of Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

CNN And BBC: Examples Of 'Free' Media

This article is just starting point for some people still believing in 'INDEPENDENT and FREE' media.

Just a few years ago, people in Yugoslavia were watching CNN as the most professional television in the world. It was before they experienced 'filmed truth' on their own back.

Just a few years ago, several radio and TV stations in Serbia looked up on satellite TVs as an 'exemplar' of democracy. But something went wrong. Those independent stations forgot to report about slaughtering over Serbs from Croatia. Over 600.000 Serbs were driven from Croatia in just 2 days.

Satellite TVs 'didn't work' then. Columns of refugees were bombed on their way to Serbia by the Croatian air force. But this massacre was not on TV. At the same time, in Bosnia raged civil war. But this time, TV took played its part. And 'Oscar' goes to CNN for black comedy: The 'Markale massacre.'

I was amazed while cheery people, LIVE, put their 'dead' store dummies into the trucks. The price of Oscar was celebrated by bombing Bosnian Serbs. In years of starving caused by sanctions, instead of food and medicines 'free' media organized humanitarian help for 'independent' media in Serbia. They sent paper, press machines and studio equipment.

The latest episode of this tragic serial is the 'refugee crisis' in Kosovo. Dark faces of western reporters supported story about thousands, who cares, millions of poor, poor people running away from scary Serbs. But nobody mentioned they started to flee on March 24. If they fled year ago, as 'free' media claim, where they were till now? UNHCR reported 600.000 refugees from Kosovo, Albanian and Serbs, since NATO start bombing Yugoslavia. Maybe it is not good enough for news!?

Let's have a look on actors in this drama. 50 to 100 same faces, every night, from different parts of Kosovo, well-dressed, women with full make-up. Show must go on!

I was shocked watching Albanian refugees heading to border through snow in ULCINJ !!! Lesson from geography: Ulcinj is in Republic of Montenegro, on Adriatic coast with average temperature over 20 C (72 F) ! But apparently everything is possible...even snow at 22 Celsius degree.

One day later, I read on CNN web site about NATO attack on NOVI SAD, 'second largest city on Kosovo' (southern Serbian province). I'm really sorry, but Novi Sad is capital of northern Serbian province Vojvodina.

Maybe is just coincidence that CNN reports from Kosovo match-up with State Department policy...but recently married CNN's raising star Christiane Amanpour and the State Department's James Rubin cover the same "breaking news" stories.

At the same time, as BBC and CNN reporters from Aviano and NATO headquarters reporting with smile about demolished 'military' targets (civilian buildings, bridges, schools, hospitals...), worried Chistiane Amanpour talking about 'refugees catastrophe.' She forgot to mention that 'free media' and NATO created it.

Tonight, more then 40.000 Albanian 'refugees' supposedly 'disappeared' from a camp near border on Macedonian soil. What a mystery. Someone should call Mulder and Scully from X-files. Macedonian citizens unfortunately solved case: 40.000 Albanian refugees were actors from Macedonia itself (1/3 of population in Macedonia is Albanians). After Yugoslav authorities called cease-fire, 'refugees' simply went home.

So, people, wake up! I'm not talented for film or I would direct so-called drama better then CNN. I'll give you one more story to think about (you will not found that on CNN or BBC).



ALEKSINAC - A mother and her two children lie in hospital, after she dug a way out of the cellar over which her house collapsed, when it was hit by US guided missiles.

Vukica Miladinovic and her family had rushed down to the cellar, in the nick of time. It was a direct hit. When she came to after the strike, Vukica realised they were all buried under the ruins of the house, she told camera reporters.

Though seriously injured herself, her immediate thought was the children. In the meantime, the boiler exploded and they began to suffocate. The bewildered mother began to struggle out from underneath the debris, to escape what had become a tomb. Hands bloody, she clawed a hole to pull out her daughter and son. The fate of her other three family members is still unknown.

For more information and latest updates please visit sites at - www.aic.org.yu and www.barw.org.yu. For any questions or comments e-mail us at - aic@aic.org.yu or editor@barw.org.yu

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), April 12, 1999


It is amazing what passes for "NEWS" in the USA. Our media is telling us, over and over:

News reported elsewhere which is needed to complete an objective mass-media "NEWS" perspective:

But hey - Wall Street is up, and "sex doesn't really matter".

-- Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), April 12, 1999.

The KLA gets a lot of its money from heroin sales in Germany, Scandinavia, an Switzerland.

So we are supporting a bunch of Marxist, heroin dealers. No wonder the American people are getting so much spin.

-- kla (kla@heroin.com), April 12, 1999.

The only reason you don't know about the relationship is because you haven't been reading the right newspapers. This has been well-covered, with the usual navel-gazing, in places like the Washington Post and the Washington Times.

-- Declan McCullagh (declan@well.com), April 12, 1999.

Thanks Declan,

Poetic licence... - I knew just like I know that Brooke shields is now available! ;))

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), April 12, 1999.

Over the years the major media outlets in this country have been able to foist just about anything over on the sheeple. At some point in time this will backfire.

When the sheeple come out of their long coma and realize that their sons and daughters are being dragged into this fiasco via the reserves or even a possible draft they will be up in arms so to speak. Of course it will be TO LATE then!


-- Ray (ray@totacc.com), April 12, 1999.

Hey folks,

These are the people that are telling the public that Y2K is "No big deal", but problems will be caused by "Nutcases, wacko's, Republicans, Southern white males and the far Right who own farms."

See any of us GI's as having similarities to the spin against the Serbs?

I do.

Better keep your powder dry.

-- INVAR (gundark@sw.net), April 12, 1999.

Return of the Draft possible.

-- h (h@h.h), April 12, 1999.

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