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I got a Konica HX-14 AUTO flash at a great price on eBay. It seems to be dedicated to the HEXAR camera, but has several modes. I'm hoping one of these will allow its use on other cameras.

Does anyone have the instruction book, or know the meaning of the:

"P-FULL" and "A" settings?


-- Anonymous, April 11, 1999


Sure. On the P-Full setting the flash just fires at full power. This is a GN of 43 (in feet) at ISO 400. It's up to you to calculate the right aperture for a given distance.

On the A setting the flash is in auto-aperture mode. Set the camera to f/4 with ISO 100 film, f/8 with ISO 400, f/11 with ISO 800, etc. The exposure will then be correct.

Angular coverage is 20 degrees.

I have an instruction sheet, let me know if you'd like a Xerox copy. It's not terribly informative, but it's better than nothing.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 1999

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