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I have a Horseman 980, 3 rollfilm backs, 3 lenses, spotmeter, 6 filters/lens shades, focusing cloth, loupe. Could I please get some opinions as to the "perfect" (small and light as possible) pack to schlep all the stuff anywhere with the minimum of discomfort. I made a camera bag for over the shoulder use but I think I'd rather have a pack. Also what do I look for in a Polaroid back for the 980 It's 6x9 Graflok back as well as spring loaded for film holders.

-- George Nedleman (, April 10, 1999


Response to Back Pack

I should think the medium version of the LowePro trekker series would work well. Stay away from the Lightware BP1420. Wonderfully made but way to big even for me (6'6", 250lbs, atheletic SWM ISO SWF height weight portional to share walks, talks, books, movies photo trips throughout the South.... oops, sorry wrong forum (LOL)).

-- Ellis Vener (, April 11, 1999.

Response to Back Pack

Right on Ellis. I too am a swm but I'm just looking. Oh yeah. Um. The Lowe Pro Trekker I have has withstood hundreds of miles with a Gandolfi Variant 4x5,3 lenses, polaroid and kodak readyload holders, 20 readyloads and 10 polaroids, spot meter, 22 sheet film holders, 2 9pak filter holders, a Lee P size filter holder with 6 3x3 filters, flashlight, various cable releases, batteries, writting pad and pencil, and 2 quarts of water. I walk a little stooped over but it's worth it. All I did was take all the dividers out and fashioned a 1/4" thick board with velcro tabs on the ends and insert that across the inside of the pack so it could be upright without anything falling off the shelf. It's very versatile and everything is readily accesible with the minimum of confusion. It's padded and even has a waist belt. Shoulder straps fit very well and are well padded. You should look at one. The price is very reasonable too. James

-- james (, April 11, 1999.

Response to Back Pack

I'm partial to the F64 backpack. It is very comfortable to wear, lightweight and has plenty of room. More, in fact, than you might need. It carries a Toyo, 3 lenses, meter, cloth and a polaroid back inside. It can be reconfigured to carry quite a few film holders (which is where your roll film backs would go).

-- Mike Long (, April 12, 1999.

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I have a Horseman VH and used a Lowe Nature backpack. It's a little smaller than some of the other Lowes, holds a lot of equipment, and is great for stowing overhead in a plane or under the seat.

-- Howard Slavitt (, April 13, 1999.

Response to Back Pack

Don't buy any backpack until you check out this backpack. It's called "Outpack" by Domke. Let me tell you this is one nice pack. I have a Toyo 45A with three lens 12 backs, loupe, spot meter,poloraid back,focusing cloth etc. and I still have room to pack lunch. The beauty of this pack is that you can get access to your equipment in an upright position without exposing all of your equipment to the outside elements by a compartmental design, (what a concept). I don't think anyone out there has anything close to this design. Their are two models, the standard backpack which I have, and the smaller version called the "Daypack". This backpack is perfect for the outdoors.

-- Belden L. Fodran (, April 13, 1999.

Response to Back Pack

Yeah, I was just about to suggest the Outpack Backpack as well which I have used for > 15 miles now, but I thought that it would be too big for you. Well I don't know anything about the smaller Daypack, but you should take a look at it.

I can think of almost nothing to complain about when it comes to the Outpack Backpack. It has an incredibly comfortable harness. Since I still carry around 35 mm equipment with my 4x5, I really like being able to open only the compartments associated with each type of gear as I need them.

-- Carlos Co (, April 13, 1999.

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