Hello, everyone!!

Haven't been able to get to the e-mails and forums, as I would like, but just wanted to let you all know that we are working as fast as possible to get your orders shipped out. We're working 7-days per week, and are "marathoning" the processing (EXCEPT on Sunday morning.....we gotta go to break in the world). (Smiling)

We now have the "BriteLyt Easy-Pump-Up Valve" ready for shipments. The cost of these are $16.99, and, with the use of a bicycle pump (foot or hand), makes the pumping process so much easier.

O.K.....Gotta go. Got LOTS of work to do.

Thank you all, again, for your patience. (You've had more patience, than I, that's for sure.) And, for all those who have contacted me, concerning their orders, I really want to thank you for helping out. Besides......It is always good to talk with you, and I get a really nice break. (Smiling)

God Bless!!

Diana.....BriteLyt 727-856-9245

-- Diana CLifton (, April 10, 1999


I ordered one of these from BriteLyt and I must say that I am MIGHTY impressed! :) I was able to pump up the lantern in a fraction of the time/effort than using the stock pump (I already own a Schwinn bicycle pump). Another advantage I found was that because my bicycle pump hose "absorbs shock" I was able to get "physical" with the pump with no worry about jolting the lantern while pumping. BTW, my wife was unable to use the stock pump, but can use the bicycle pump method for our camping trips.


-- Paul Bertrand (, April 11, 1999.

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