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We all get bogged down with the questions, answers, solutions, and general "what ifs" to the point of exhaustion from time to time. I apologize if the following has been posted and I missed it. I think it stands as a point of rest and reassessment in our daily search.

-- Whetherman (whetherman@storm.warning), April 10, 1999


Thanks Whetherman!

the liiiink

-- Deborah (, April 10, 1999.

Link doesn't work, try re-posting, please.

-- just sunshine (, April 10, 1999.

one more time!

-- Deborah (, April 10, 1999.

The link still doesn't work. I checked the page source, & don't see my error.

-- Deborah (, April 10, 1999.

You forgot the 'http://' part

< A HREF="">the link

-- Ned (, April 10, 1999.


the link

-- Ned (, April 10, 1999.

I'm no good at making HTML hot links, but if we don't have one that works, just type in the URL and it will take you there.

-- Whetherman (whetherman@storm.warning), April 10, 1999.

Thanks Whetherman...good article

-- WebRNot (, April 10, 1999.

The article is "The Moral Dilemma of Y2K - A Personal Essay", written by Bob Greenhalgh.

And, around North Carolina, it's the kind of conversation I'm hearing more and more.


-- Critt Jarvis (, April 10, 1999.

Mr. Greenhalga must be a decent and fine man to have expressed these thoughts. Think what the world would be like if there were more people like him. Thanks Me. Greenhalga, I needed that boost of faith in human nature.

-- maggie (, April 10, 1999.

Many thanks for this thought provoking article Whetherman.
Bookmarked for future use.


-- Ray (, April 10, 1999.

good thoughts. it should be true for everything in life- not just Y2K.

-- anita (, April 10, 1999.

Printed! Twice!! there are two people I need to share this with!!


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, April 10, 1999.

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