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I just got finished watching the news on fox network here in the So cal area and it made me almost want to puke. Promoting that everything was going to be fine for the y2k because nothing bad happened today the 99th day of 1999 and that the computers passed the test today so they will be fine is such a crock of bull. We are seeing major media disinformation campaign in effect here. Go out and make babies is there message. Wake up, smell the coffee! you corporate whores of the media. Don't you care that millions of people will perish because of your complicity with a dishonest government.

Do you really want that blood on your hands. We need honesty and integrity Now. What we need is the kind of journalism that ferreted out the truth about what was going on during the vietnam war now to find out whats going on about the war in kosovo and Iraq and also whats really up with y2k. We need real investigative journalism that digs deep undercover to bring back the truth. We are faced with the real prospect of a world at war in the next several weeks or months and we need the truth to figure out how to back the world off the brink of the apocalypse. This is no game the life of everyone we Know and love is at risk. Have the courage to seek the truth and report it faithfully. We must hold those accountable who are placing us indanger by there irresponsibility. I love my family and friends and I hope you love yours to. A world war could cause us to lose everything we hold dear. Let the media know with letters of protest that you will not stand for such crap. If they cant say these organizations are fully compient with guarantees than they need to say prudently prepare and we will take a wait and see attitude. As for the war over there we need hard core data about what is going on. Is Russia about to get pissed or what. We need Facts not back wash from the spinmisters that brought us other recent wars. Remember if we cant stop them from using nukes, we will have failed our families and friends,our nation and humanity. Think PEACE act proactively and responisibly. May God's love shine in your heart and in your actions. y2k aware mike.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike@ conservation . com), April 10, 1999


How about it Declan?

-- Andrei-hung-lo (, April 10, 1999.

"May God's love shine in your heart and in your actions"

Whose god?

-- athe (, April 10, 1999.

Only one God and your passport to his Kingdom is thru His Son Jesus. A God of unquestionable love and mercy who sent his son to die for us and provide atonement for our sins. All people will come to find out that he love us and provides us with hope that will never fail. With the love of God in your heart there is always a way to figure out a good solution to what ever problems you may face. God is the creator the positive force of life in the universe and we are his children. He spoke and we were. A Jewish believer in our Lord Jesus the Christ the messiah as it is written about in the book of Issah. y2k aware mike

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation .com), April 10, 1999.

...then you're referring to your God. What about mine?

-- athe (, April 10, 1999.

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