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Story in Wash Post today about Metro (subway) having multiple disruptions. Nahhhw(could'nt be) Y2k Pro, say it aint so!

-- KoFE (Your@town.USA), April 09, 1999


Thanks for the article. Very interesting.Y2K or not, their system stays all jammed up. The mutiny part is scary!Houstin, We have a problem.....

-- Justin Case (justin, April 09, 1999.

Anyone have a link.

-- Linda A. (, April 09, 1999.

Here ye go: Breakdowns Mounting on Metro

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), April 09, 1999.

...And from Boston's "T" system: "There's a certain level of civility with our passengers that would preclude that kind of activity," said Joe Pesaturo, deputy press secretary... [in some parallel universe, maybe!]

-- Brooks (, April 09, 1999.

And it says something about mob mentality.......

But when the train operator began to flash the car lights, first once, then again and again, he said the riders knew that Metro wanted them off. They wouldn't budge.

It would be a mistake to attribute this behavior simply to anger or frustration, said William F. McDonald, a Georgetown University sociologist. "People haven't been in a situation like this before and don't know what's going on. They are without norms. . . . They just figure they're going to lose out and are not willing to go on the next train."

The conformity of the group overrides respect for authority, said Erika Peterson, a social psychologist at George Washington University. "People in unfamiliar and strange circumstances look to other people for what to do. Once a person provides a signal, everyone goes along with it. . . . It just spirals from there."

I suspect we'll se a lot of spiraling next year.

-- DQS (none@none..), April 09, 1999.

Interesting article, says a lot about what we can expect the first few days of 2000, before it gets really nasty.

-- JIT (for@chaos.mutiny), April 10, 1999.

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