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I posted an answer to another thread, one related to the fun going on at a polly site.

In recent weeks the number of articles from newspapers and other media sources has dropped. I feel that one reason so many people come to this forum is because it offers so much Y2k information. If we do not continue to do the research and bring the news back to the forum, it will cease to be an information sharing forum.

It takes time to do the research. This is something everyone is short of, time. For those that do have that extra hour or half hour, would it not be better to use it for finding information and sharing with those that do not have the available time then to argue with people (pollies and trolls) that are not going to change their minds?

I took the Yourdon poll and noticed that the question asking what we would prefer more of (on the forum) was answered by the highest vote of "Y2k articles". Again, time comes into play. One person can not do all the research on daily basis and would need help. Since this is our forum, it is up to us to help.

I am sure those that are coming here to get Y2k information would appreciate it a lot more then scrolling through the many threads of debate between the GI and DGI, which IMO is very boring when reduced to name calling.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), April 09, 1999


The reason is because there is almost no "new news" at this point.

Y2K is boring to begin with and we are in the most boring period of a boring subject. There won't be any "new news" until July at the earliest and maybe not before October.

Meanwhile, those of us who enjoy hanging out with each other have to amuse one another. Moreover, many of us greatly enjoy thinking through international issues, especially, which are *very* important to us all right now and do bear some relevance, if indirect, to Y2K.

-- BigDog (BigDog@duffer.com), April 09, 1999.

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