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I have some fairly remote land in Ark. where I could have alaible spaces for RV's or travel trailors. I cna provide running water to these spaces and 24 hour security. I can also provide a storage building for each space, if needed. I need to know if there is enough interest for it to be worth the trouble to set this up. If anyone is interested please contact me asap.

-- K. Vantine (, April 09, 1999


How much are you going to charge for the spaces?

Hmm. An RV commune?

-- got it (got@it.$$$), April 09, 1999.

I am going to "pro-rate" the charge per space, by how prepared people are. "Say what ?" OK. If people just have a RV and a couple of weeks of supply food, I will charge them $1,000 per month, with the understanding that if y2-k hits hard and money is worthless, they get to stay as long as they wish.(if they are unprepared and TSHTF I may have to feed them, is why the extra cost) If another family has say a year's worth of stored food and other y2-k supplies I will charge them only $ 500. per month. I did not mention that my place is y2-k prepared and I have well trained security onsite. This is not like just putting a Rv on some farmer's land or in some rural trailor court.

-- K. Vantine (, April 09, 1999.

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