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This AM, the area in the vicinity of I71 and (oops i think) I 250, the beltway around Cincinnatti, was hit by multiple tornados in the F1-F2 range. Multiple casualties. Confirmed multiple fatalities. Another set of storms on the way. These look to be at the threshold of severe on Intellicast.

Prayers to follow.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 09, 1999


200 mph winds. Closed down part of I-71 & I-275. Alot of electricity out...wiped out out lot of homes.

Red Cross said they were "paralyzed" from calls coming in offering to help.

-- Texan (, April 09, 1999.

Primary affected area appears to be in Hamilton County. The revised estimate of strength is now F4 (up to 260 mph), Governor is generally from the area, and will be touring the area at about 1200 and on ground at about 1300.

WTAM 1100 (50KW) is rebroadcasting from WLW in Cinci.

this was a true supercell, per a rep of NWS in Cinci. 1st touchdown was in So Ripley County, Crossed Hamilton County with touchdown in Montgomery - Blue Ash, and proceeded to Warren County and damaged Morrow, headed to the east. Storms are now in the western Pa. area. (they are looking at damages that are consistent with F4 damages at about 260 MPH wind speeds).

Following storms enroute to the affected area are NOT severe but will include heavy rain, by about 1200-1300.


LOTS of prayers to follow.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 09, 1999.

Four confirmed deaths, many injured people air lifted to local hospitals, at least one hundred fifty beautiful suburban homes damaged, one-third of them totally destroyed, flatened.People say they had barely enough time to get down to the basement before it hit. Then it was gone just as fast. Schools in the area all closed. Luckily it hit early am and not during the morning school and business rush hour.

the storm going through now is only hard rain, passing through briefly with occasionally big gusty winds, blowing around my trash can. Hope it's over.

-- meeko (, April 09, 1999.


Glad you're o.k. Where are you?

Called friends relatives near Cinti...all o.k. except electricity was out this morning.

-- tex (, April 09, 1999.

Thanks, everyone in my area escaped harm or damage. We are about five miles southwest of the worst hit area. I just heard on the news a few incredible stories. A 10 mo. baby was thrown from his crib into another room. His dad and brother thrown from the house. His mom frantically trying to find him in the dark. For a half hour they searched for the baby. Then finally found him underneath a door, which saved his life, sitting there, playing with a toy. The whole family went to the hospital with cuts and bruises but are going to be fine. A teenage boy wandered the street in the dark looking for his parents who had been taken to the hospital. No word on whether or not they are ok. Lots of confusion among people literally blown out of their homes in the middle of the night. Lots of tears from people grateful to be alive. But their houses are smashed. The power is still out. No gas either.

-- meeko (, April 09, 1999.

Interesting thread. Wasn't going to relay an experience our family had last week, but here goes.

Our family planned a week to spend looking for relocation places in the White Mountains of Arizona. Early April, should be great spring weather in the mountains- wrong! All Arizona was struck by a severe winter storm. We arrived at our rental cabin safely, with about 4 inches of snow on the ground. When we woke the next morning we were snowed in! I grew up in Buffalo, NY, and what I experienced last week was close as I remember getting in Buffalo. Our cabin had at least 3 feet in one night, and no shovel in the cabin, so I used a small broom to sweep a path to the road. Two days later we were able to get out and about until the next storm rolled in that night.

While visiting one prospective piece of property, we learned that this community experienced unheard of 105 mile an hour winds.

On the way home my wife and I were talking about our experience in the snow storm and took some notes about preparations for Y2K events, where there wil no doubt be unexpected events which we did not anticipate. Snow storms in April in Arizona? High winds never experinced by old timers in a small mountain town? Who is messing with the weather?

-- PJ (, April 09, 1999.

"Who is messing with the weather?"


-- EvilRoy (, April 10, 1999.

Just left area to come home. More weather headed their way. Pray for all those in area.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, April 11, 1999.

The one in Montgomery was three blocks from my youngest surviving sister's home. Can you just visualize a 68 year old single lady, 1:30 am, no electricity, alone in the darkness, and cowering in her bathtub listening to that thing chewing up the area?

As it turned out she, and all other members of my family in and around that area, came through unmarked and undamaged in any way. I was en route back to my home at the time.

Chuck; glad to read that the results of your eye operation were so good. I was concerned about that. Really.

Anyway, I'm back again, so all of y'all just ran out of luck.

Are you sure that the lock is on this side of the door?


-- sweetolebob (, April 11, 1999.

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