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On the Russian theme thought this was rather appropriate... This is seriously worth a read, remember it was taped last year!!!

build bunker here :)


"AB: So, you and Gary North disagree about the severity of what will occur, because you think that there will be some "work-arounds." But, you also think there will be a period of time when thing are going to get rough. WHERE are they going to get rough?

JS: I don't perceive that it's going to get rough in any of the rural areas except for places that are totally without power. There are some rural areas, I'm afraid, that buy power completely off the grid....that don't have any manufacturing capabilities locally. They're going to be cut off, I'm afraid, in order to feed the big cities. So, they could have a hardship, not in terms of social unrest, but just in terms of the hardship without electricity and they're going to need some alternative for generating power, which is going to get in short supply, I think, as the news of y2k gets further out. But in terms of social unrest, the major big, bad cities....the L.A. Basin, I think, is definitely going to have a very high probability of erupting, as well as the major East Coast cities like Florida, the Miami area. I would say San Francisco is a possibility, as well.

AB: Let's back off from that for a second. Let me ask you a question I've never asked, and I think this is really important. It is the psychological aspect of this. Whether or not anything actually happens, and I have become convinced that something IS going to happen, but let us assume that nothing occurs, for a moment, and the power is on. Isn't it kind of getting people worked up into an anticipation of this event that could, in itself, promote problems?

JS: We see a little bit of that on the Internet, on this Relocation Forum that I moderate. For example, we have a lot of Internet "interupters" or "lurkers" that continue to post taunting messages and threatening messages...."

[end snip]

Lurkers? Whatever could he mean, what scoundrels they must be :)

-- Andy (, April 09, 1999


I found this very interesting but am I missing something.?? I only was able to access 2/3 of the article and never did see where the "safe" areas were.

-- Taz (, April 09, 1999.

Taz, did you click on 'more' at the very bottom of first interview page ? That should get you the rest.

-- Himalayan Blue (hb@k2.y), April 09, 1999.

The core of the whole interview is the following:

AB: Ok, so the two major ones are Y2K and this war you believe is coming.

JS: Both of these threats have, as a major component, excessively high population densities. Notice that if there is a meltdown of the social order....which there COULD be a Y2K and there most certainly will be a nuclear war. That means if you are caught in a maelstrom of humanity, you can't survive very well. You MUST be outside that, when that occurs. It's predictable in Y2K. You can leave town beforehand. You can go visit Aunt Nellie, you see, and get out of L.A. County. But, in a nuclear war, you don't have the same kind of notice, because this is going to be a surprise attack. I have some idea about when that might occur....when the window begins to open.

AB: By all means, TELL US!

JS: It's my opinion, from the testimony of certain defectors who testified that Russia is developing some very high-tech weaponry to try to compete with the U.S. high-tech weaponry. And, they don't want to launch this nuclear strike until that weaponry is developed. They also want to delay the strike until we have completed our disarmament of our 50 "Peacekeeper" missiles, our big blockbuster missiles, which occurs in the latter part of 2003 and 2004. So, I think the window for that strike opens after 2004. And, I don't think Russia can last economically and milk the rest for any more money much later than 2006-7-or 8. So, that's where I think the highest vulnerability window is....before the nuclear strike. One of the things that people can look for as a watch sign, if I'm correct historically, is that the Establishment always pulls a Depression before a war, to induce pacifism, isolationism, and lack of military spending. We'll probably see that Depression come in 2002 or 3. Maybe even a littler earlier if Y2K destabilizes the stock market.

-- Himalayan Blue (hb@k2.y), April 09, 1999.

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