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Can anyone out there tell me exactly how you use a reverse adaptor. I found one in a box at a flea market with no instructions. I tried it on a T3 by screwing it into the filter ring and mounting it on the camera. I couldn't get it to focus on anything so I must be doing something wrong. it's probably very simple and I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.


-- Anonymous, April 09, 1999


Reverse Adapter


It gets you REAL close. I just attached mine to a 52mm f1.8 Hexanon, and it was in-focus at about 6 inches.


-- Anonymous, April 11, 1999

How did you do it?

Thanks, James

How did you do it? Am I right that the adaptor screws into the filter rings and then you attach the adaptor to the camera body? If that's right, do you need to do anything else? Do you have to move the lever at the end of the lens? If you or nyone else has an instruction sheet for the adaptor, I'd pay for a copy.

Thanks, again


-- Anonymous, April 12, 1999

Using reverse adapter


My adapter did not have an instruction sheet. The threaded side screws into the filter threads, and the bayonet goes into the camera body. You have to use the lens in manual f-stop mode and match needle meter. The auto-diaphragm lever is useless now. If you have one, the Auto-Ring (A Konica accessory) can be used to stop the diaphragm down. With the reverse ring, there's not much focusing range. Just bove the camera in and out to focus

-- Anonymous, April 13, 1999

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