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$10/ 1 day pass $15/ multiday pass SJ Convention Center next to main library, downtown SJ (CC Parking $5, no validation at Expo)

My first impression was that the expo was not well attended. In response to suggesting that they might have considered advertising earlier, I got a response that they didn't have the location until very late and so may have held off ads for that reason.

Inside it was good to see Y2K people for the first time.

To Joseph/2000 booth staffer: is SJ different? Response: yes, they are less concerned with Y2K, possibly seeing it as primarily a technical issue.

Beehive (local preparedness store): yes, people more individualistic, and less likely to know neighbors here than in some other areas of the country.

Attended 4:00 lectures

Christopher Nyerges, author of books on California edible plants (Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants), brought in a boquet of edible plants he collected on Guadalupe River than runs through downtown SJ near the Center. Very interesting.

City of Oakland, Oakland Prepared Neighbors, and Oakland 2001 put on a great presentation on the current state of Oakland's Y2K preparedness, history and next steps. Yes, it was really Y2K grassroots organizations and a rep from Oakland City, in complete cooperation and agreement as far as I could determine. They are collaborating with many other local Y2K organizations. Oakland rep was Darren Jimenez Oakland Preparedness Neighbors rep was Check Eckerman, I think the lady from Oakland 2001 was Rosa Zubizarreta (?). They all did a wonderful job. Oakland has a web site now,, with Y2K info already. They are committed to being open and honest with the citizens of the city, they say. Apparently Y2K has the attention of Jerry Brown, who is said to be scheduled to attend an upcoming Y2K related public appearance in about 1 month. The lady from Oakland 2001 mentioned that We the People (Jerry Brown's citizen advocacy group -- my term, sorry if less than totally accurate) is also involved, along with CORD (Citizens of Oakland Responding to Disasters), Neighborhood Services Coordinator Program, Y2K around the Bay, Bay2K, Red Cross, City of Oakland Office of Information Technology, City of Oakland Office of Emergency Services (Fire Department), and possibly a few others I didn't have time to write down. There will be a Y2K Preparedness Fair Sat., Apr 17 at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, and Oakland 2001 has Y2K events about every 2 weeks (next is April 14) (web site:

Good info on solar, food, generators. Special mentions to Light Energy Systems (19 years in the business, local, and looking to hire people due to demand!), Generac, San Jose Candle (where I spent most of my money), Swiss America, and several others I would like to mention but can't for lack of cards/flyers/info.

It would be interesting to hear other reports and also anything about Day 3.

Steve14XXXatXXXhomeXXXdotXXXcom (remove XXXs)

-- steve14 (x@y.z), April 09, 1999


You may know what SJ stands for, but the rest of the country does not!

-- smitty (, April 09, 1999.


Don't you know the way to San Jose??


[couldn't resist]

-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 09, 1999.

Yeah, but some of us live in South Jersey

-- not (in@ca.yet), April 09, 1999.


Will be heading over later this morning, and report back later. How were the "other" meetings you attended recently in your area?


-- Diane J. Squire (, April 09, 1999.


Sorry, it was very late when I wrote the summary, and I had aspirations of being more clear than I actually was. I assumed that people had read the Day 1 SJ Expo summary posted earlier by heliumavid and borrowed his/her shorthand unconsciously without bothering to spell it out for those readers who might be reading it without context. SJ = San Jose, California. My apologies.

Also, that's Chuck Eckerman, not "Check".

Diane, thanks for covering the Expo today, check your email.

Steve steve14XXXatXXXhomeXXXdotXXXcom (remove XXXs)

-- steve14 (x@y.z), April 09, 1999.

I forgot to add Oakland City's Y2K web site address:

It contains a modest but leveragable amount of Y2K info and links specific to the Oakland area. Oakland City even has a Y2K speaker's program, reachable through the web site given above.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the American Red Cross is in the process of putting together a nationwide program aimed at raising Y2K awareness and aiding preparedness at the grassroots community level, through giving classes on a Y2K leadership training program and support. (For more information,contact your local American Red Cross chapter.) (This possibly deserves a separate thread if it has not already been discussed.)


-- steve14 (x@y.z), April 09, 1999.

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