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Hey, Angelica!

Just wondering how things are going. I've been at Rice for a year now and don't get to talk to you much anymore. Your site looks excellent. Mine's moved. It's now (or soon will be) at:


Take care, --Jonathan

-- Jonathan C. Patschke (jp@totalaccess.net), April 09, 1999


Senior network administrator, eh? excellent! and at rice too? that's wonderful. :-) i know you wanted to go there for a while. I might be in Texas at the end of next school year, with the Cornell Chorus, touring Texas, so I'll keep you informed if I am. I'm glad to hear you're alive and well! It's been a long time. :-) ever go on micromuse anymore? i haven't been there in a long time, but i should probably check it out for mail, or the like. keep in touch! -Angelica

-- Angelica Goss-Bley (angelica@cherryvalley.com), April 13, 1999.

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