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How do you get Good Rocks Hills Fences Trees/Forests

Thanks to anyone who anwsers

-- Tommy Urban (, April 09, 1999


For trees: but them at modelling shops.

For fences: Use wire mesh for 40K, and weave wire together and paint them to make Warhammer fences.

For rocks: Stick them onto thick card with a Hot Glue Gun. Spray them black, and drybrush then with Codex Grey or Bleached Bone.

-- Mike Connor (, April 09, 1999.

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go to terra genisis on the net. i don't know the address but if you go to yahoo and type in "Warhammer 40k" you should see it listed near the end. they give all sorts of tight tips for wargame terrain.

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (, April 09, 1999.

If you want to make a lot of hills you should get a foam cutter. This has a wire that is heated by two flashlight batterys . It gives a very clean cut on styrafoam. Then mix a little sand and white glue into the paint and there you go instant hill. Look for something like "Art from Scrap" (which is in Santa Barbara CA). They take donations from companys and sell the material at a nominal fee. Similar outfits might exist near your home. If they do your in. I have also had some sucsees useing paper mache to make craters. You use old newspaper torn into strips. Let if soak for two days. Drain most of the water out and add white glue (I buy it by the gallon). Use a cooky sheet spared with pan and form the goop inot the desired shape. It will take a Looong time to dry. If you have used enough glue the figures will be very tough. (Have a figure around when you make the terrain to get the scale.) This works for craters, rocks and anything eles you can think of. David Pell

-- David Pell (, April 17, 1999.

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