Take my advice and be free in an unfree world.

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I would like to give my take on these times.

I know, Some have read my post before and flamed me real good, although some were written to get a feeling of who I was communicating with, and some were real serious,the ones that got me flamed most.

I will only say this to get your attention. I am from a family of 19 with me being the # 14. I attended two years of school first and second grade, self taught as it will show, and retired at age 42 and can live without ever again making another dollar.

I know people and how they will react to certain things.For instance a man walked into a shop that had hot coffee in a pot setting on a coal stove with a metal handle, the man picked up the pot and immedialely put it down, HOT ain't it said the owner, no said the man, it just dosen't take me long to decide whether I want a cup of coffee or not. The man was not honest with himself or his neighbor. He ia the type of man that will never admit his mistakes. Most people are like that man.

The banker will not admit he overcharged you and will work nite and day to until he has worked out a solution that will put him in the best light because he is not supposed to make mistakes. He is a banker.

The investor will not tell you how much money he has lost because if he did his clints would lose faith in him. He will only give out the good news, and very little of his losses. I know I have lost more than a little from mistakes.

This brings me to real time, now, and how things look to me. I was raised hard, real hard times I have seen many a day and months and years of " Gary Cooper in the life of Seargent York" And Mr. York whom I knew and talked with since my we were from the same area.

The real time now, takes on a new meaning when you figure there is no more places to conquer, no more places to get away unto ones self and mind your own business and live free from of some type of bondage. All that needs to be said has already been said, all that represents freedom has already passed and will be no more. Inventions from now on will further enslave people as the computer has in the past. We now live only to work to pay our taxes or some other scheme the higher archy has come up with to keep us enslaved.

In the past people survived on another mans word and his actions, a hand shake was better than a written piece of paper./ Shame came upon a man that would not honor his hand shake.Now most people are used to signing their name for things they want and going about their ways with little thought about what they have done. If they can they will and if they can't they will go into bankruptcy.

Man has not for many a year taken unto himself an atitude of his family, neighbors or his community. It has been the goal to keep up with the next door neighbor whom he never speaks to or even knows. Which remind me of Paul and Herbert. Every morning at the bus stop they would say to each other, Hows things going. Ok each said. If theres anything I can do to help a neighbor just call on me said each one. OK each said, Then one morning Paul had some serious problems, he had no one to talk to, so he thought,well my neighbor Herbert said to call on him if I need some help. So the next morning Herbert asked ,Hows things going Paul, well since you asked I would like to discuss a little problem I have said Paul. Problem, asked Herbert, Hell I don't want to hear about your problems I have enough problems myself.

People do not want to be a person anymore, they want to be a thing. Whether its bundled up into a bundle and cry and plead until they get their way of being part of the thing. They cann't stand alone and argue their own case before themselves or anyone else. Thsy are not to blame. They become part of something else and denie that one is responsible for their actions. You see it every day. So and so comitee has demanded or blah and blah has promised to. so on and on.

Individualism is out, it don't work any more and we are in a hell of a shape because of it. We are about get our education real fast in the next several months.

Man has made the biggest bo bo in a lifetime with this computer thing. How in the world can man survive if a mans word whether it be from those we employ or those that employ us. The truth is a Golden keepsake, worthy of admirig. I ask you? Where does the truth lie, With Herbert or the man with the hot coffee handle?

I think it is a mans responsibility to take care of his family, friends, neighbors and his community. I don't care if the stars from heaven and the moon refuses to shine at night. NO man is alone in this world, and he should do what is necessary to see that he and his own is taken care of. If that means breaking the bank, or the goverment or argueing with God so be it. Everything has its reason for being and Its not to see how well we can live or how much we can get and hold on to. Its about living and life and enjoying our time for maybe tomorrow we may die.

Don't expect people will get ready for hard times, either from y2k or from war. The people without homes in the news now had plenty of time to remedy things before they were driven out of their homes. They were not interested in solving the problems before they got out of hand. They thought someone else would, or maybe someone might get soft hearted and and let them live in peace. To live in peace is a battle, its a war, every day of our lives, for some one is waiting to take that peaceful place and turn it into a hell hole for that because he can do it.

You had better get to know your neighbor and his ideas, his ways his attitude and his likes better still few weeks tovisit around town and shake a few hands and get to know more people,and what and how they think, What do they believe and practice.

Now for some thoughts about the future, By november have all your accounts closed at the bank, stock market, purchase only nickels, dimes, quarters,half dollars and a few ones, fives, tens, and twenty dollar bills. Take your money and run and preserve your own hard labors.Better still buy plenty of useful things and store them even if you have to rent a place. Rent a place is a good idea where you can rent a small 10 X 10 or so is good. Store fuel, tissue, lipstick and soap, combs, tooth brushes.Several kerosene heaters will be worh their weight in gold along with the fuel. I don't think too much will be going on in the middle of 2000 except loss of jobs.

It is not far fetched that we too will be in a state of panic from either a suitcase bomb r y2k will cripple the world for the next ten years. Money will be lost big time when this tyhing all comes to gether. no good news has surfaced that we can count on for sure.If it hasen't come by now it will not come at all. Its too late to count on good news, time has taken care of that problem. Funny thing about time, you can't buy it, make it,borrow or steal it. You can only redeem it each day with a good heart and joy as we look at the wonder of all things.

Woulld you like to see how close you are to another person and see how his hurts effect you. Find a person with a wound ,any kind of wound, hold your hand on the wound and let some one pull your arm as you bend it like you are showing off your muscles. You will find as long as you are touching the wound you are weak in that arm. Now try it without touching the wound.

Now wouldn't you really like to go downtown tomorrow?


-- Lon (lon1937@aol.com), April 09, 1999


I like this post, it's good.

-- Himalayan Blue (hb@k2.y), April 09, 1999.

Welcome aboard, Lon. Excellent post, excellent thoughts. I was raised in the backwoods of WVa and my introduction to society was as you wrote...a handshake was a man's committment to an agreement. If someone wants to go back to the 'good old days', that's the part of it I would like back. The rest of it someone else can have.

-- Lobo (atthelair@yahoo.com), April 09, 1999.

me too - but I'm still flummoxed on the wound bit :)

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), April 09, 1999.

Lon= As you know by now, I have sent you an individual reply not on the main board. To recap to all here I say BRAVO, sir, you have made my day. This should give us all a bit to think about. This post stopped me dead in my tracks...

-- churchorganist (musicswede@webtv.net), April 09, 1999.


The fury of the flames.....ah, well, just consider the source(s).

Refreshing thoughts and style..thanks for posting. By the way, inquiring minds would like to know....how do you retire by age 42?


I think Lon means that unless one is sociopathic one would hestitate to strongly grip another's wounded arm.

-- Texan (spring@ranch.com), April 09, 1999.


-- Dieter (dieter@toask.com), April 09, 1999.

"how do you retire by age 42? "

Uhh... become President?

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), April 09, 1999.


sorry, should've asked Lon, "say, Lon, how did you, personally retire at 42?"

-- Texan (spring@ranch.com), April 09, 1999.

If Lon ain't rich no one is.Your my kinda people!!! I appreciate ya. Capnfun.

-- capnfun (capnfun@notfunatall.com), April 09, 1999.


I really enjoyed your post, especially the coffee drinker story. It was such a simple story, yet displayed that particular character flaw so clearly.

-- shivermetimbers (zerodegrees@brrrrrr.com), April 09, 1999.

Truly wonderful, Lon. You are one of few people here who understands that the greatest freedom that can accrue to an individual is the freedom to accept responsibility for the welfare of others. Well-spoken, sir.


"The stuff of life isn't stuff."--- Noah Benshea

-- Hallyx (Hallyx@aol.com), April 09, 1999.

....(quoting you)"The real time now, takes on a new meaning when you figure there is no more places to conquer, no more places to get away unto ones self and mind your own business and live free from of some type of bondage. All that needs to be said has already been said, all that represents freedom has already passed and will be no more."

I'm not sure freedom has passed. I think it has never been had. My only gripe with your past posts is that you imply that in order to be free I need to be a slave-child to some invisible guy in the sky....same-same, as the any slavery on earth, Lon. This is a great post...thanks. See my latest rant on the thread that is titled: If Only A Quarter Of This Is True.

Why, if I daily continue to throw off human shackles should I want to enslave myself to a volcano god who has demanded burnt offerings for more than 5000 years?

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 09, 1999.

Gotta hate those "Higher Archies" ?


-- A Lower Archy. (spelling@matters.org), April 09, 1999.

Yep,..indeed. I prefer "autarchy"...self-rule.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), April 09, 1999.

Very good post, Lon. Written from the heart.

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), April 09, 1999.


I grew up on the streets and I dished out my share of selfishness. Slowly I learned part of the lessons you have given to us. As I started to mature I slowly started to give to others; to go the extra mile.

I didn't give much or often as my street ways dominated me. However, others stronger and wiser than me saw me give and they, not me, reached out and gave me more! I was too blind to see this but others showed me.

My defenses crumbled and and I slowly dropped the tough guy personality and learned how to give. Not surprisingly money started to flow my way after I got more honest with myself and others. I still struggle with me self deceipt and I still have the sides of me that are selfish and dishonest. But when I read your post I realized the gift of y2k. It has forced me to see the full value of my neighbors.

Yes, people will freak. Yes, they will be selfish. Yes, they will try to deceive. But there will be many, like Ed and those on this forum, who will join hands and make bonds that will last a life time.

The y2k survivors will be those with the firm stomachs and the soft hearts. You are an icon to that truth. Lucky is the man with the strenght to fight by your side.

-- Tomcat (tom@cat.com), April 09, 1999.

Now to make my words a little clearer to everyone:

To: Lobo, Hi neighbor.

To: Andy:..... Let me tell yo about another wonder, Take both hands and wiggle your two smallest fingers on each hand at the same time, now wiggle each seperately. What a wonder. NOW about the wound, I am sorry I should have made myself more understandable by my words. For words are important and like like a tiny seed in the wind, once they are released who 's doorstep will they land. THE wound, Pick any person stranger or kin folk. If they have a wound, a scratch or sore, take your index finger of one hand and raise the other arm like you are showing your mucles. Have anyone to pull down your arm while your finger is on the wound, and when you are not touching the wound. You will find he wounded will take away some of your strength. Try and see. Thanks,

To Andy: Thanks, you are asking a question, a good one. You see the little one inch things in almost every window.Also when you go to see a basketball game, look at the shiny floor. Thanks,

To Texan: Yes, Texan, It really works, Whats wrong with going overboard at times, I KNOW A LOT OF GREAT PEOPLE THAT HAVE. See my answer to Andy. Really Texan, The only think that can effect you is those things you let effect you.

To Donna Barthuley:

I only read books. Thanks,

There was a man that was doomed to live forever in this world. Generation after generation he would get depressed because of the foolish ways of mankind. Every 500 years God would come by and ask him if he could do anything for him. The doomed man said no, maybe next time God comes around. This is the ways of man.

Even so, I can only say what I have experinced and lived and felt. THIS I will say truly, people have good hearts to live as they should only now they have been taught they can catch it from someone else or thing. Look and see, look and live like you are a beautiful rose that others enjoy as they pass by. Thanks,


You are all good, Really.

-- Just Lon (Lon1937@aol.com), April 09, 1999.

Amen Lon. We think alike.

And at one time not long ago....so did the majority of Americans.

Sad, isn't it?

-- INVAR (gundark@sw.net), April 09, 1999.

Remove your stuff from rented storage before 1/1/00. Those locations may see early attention from looters.

-- Freddie Mac (fmac@fannie.mae), April 09, 1999.

Thanks, Lon!! :~)

Can I be your neighbor?!

-- JA (JA4you@aol.com), April 09, 1999.

Lon, what a thought provoking post...thank you. It is the first long post I actually read and re-read. It applies to all of us!!!


-- quietly lurking (quietly@preparing.com), April 10, 1999.

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