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I've got my brothers, etc. with their kids at the house and we're hunkered down with some champagne and MREs. Frankly, I expect very little if anything to happen at midnight. What I do expect is a gradual but inexorable degradation of the infrastructure and the financial markets, until critical mass is reached, possibly over the following 10 days. Thus I will insist that my brothers et. al. remain with me during that period. One post that really hit home with me was Jack's reference to the increasing unreliability of data basically freezing up everything into non-functionality (probably not a word). Comments?

-- James (, April 08, 1999


If anything does happen at midnight on 01-01-00, it will be because of embedded systems failures. Those embedded systems are the "wild card" of Y2K. They have the potential to cause widespread failures in various industries, especially utilities.

-- Joe Williams (, April 09, 1999.

You are assuming that you'll be alive on 01/01/2000. That Klintoon hasn't started WWIII by then and triggered a nuclear exchange with Russia. Hope you're right!

-- Buffalo Bob (, April 09, 1999.

Why not just move the date back to July or August? Slow freeze up due to corrupted data - what twaddle! I suppose every CS person in the world is going to just stand there and do nothing while this happens.

MRE's are low ash - better stock up on bran flakes before you start eating those things up - unless you are happy with a BM once a week.

-- Paul Davis (, April 09, 1999.

Its 2000, I would expect sometime in January that some real big husky weight lifter fellow with a white hat-will take old bill aside for a few hours and talk to him with tears in his eyes big as horse turds- all the while exercising every part of his body.a real work out, yes sir re- Boy would I like to watch that white hatted fellow do his work out for a few hours. Man I would enjoy that more than watching that old sow chase my brother up a haystack and then going up after him. She had tears in her eyes too.


-- BJ (, April 09, 1999.

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