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...that we are not yet seeing problems. If we were, that would mean the panic is not far behind, and I am not finished my preparation. I need as much time as I can get to get organized. I don't want ever to see a panic, and if the lack of problems means smooth sailing next year, then great. But if it is not predictive, then I just as soon would like to have the max time to complete preparation. So, my attitude is to be thankful for every additional day that the panic does not arrive. Is this cold-hearted? I don't think so, because I don't think everyone "getting it" will solve the problem. It will only mean bigger problems sooner for everyone.

-- James (, April 08, 1999


James, very reluctantly I am forced to agree with you. A prime example of supply and demand is now evidenced in California with the 'gas shortages'. By the way, these 'shortages' are artificially induced. Not by the oil companies (although they are reaping the benefits) but by politicos that passed bills trying to appease the 'squeaking wheel' of enviromentalists over the years. Nothing wrong with trying to protect the environment but the state did it to themselves.

Just as in a weather warning, less than 10% of the population will take it serious until the last minute. The an addiional 20% begin chasing supplies...that's when it will get hairy. The remaining 70% will just sit there as always saying 'Duh" and expect the government to do something. God help us all, I hope that the government has nothing to do and no help is needed. I lived in Florida for many years and was part of the Civil Emergency Response team for Tampa. Noooobody ever prepared for a hurricane (and had no idea how to do so). You have plenty of time to prepare. Unless Dan or Peter tell them to, no one will worry about y2k until it's too late.

-- Lobo (, April 09, 1999.

6 or so months ago, I would have castigated you roundly about your lack of care for the "children" [gag me with a short stick! I actually said that!!] or for whatever the "people" may be.

I have come to the conclusion, and it's not an easy one, that there will be NO EARLY RUSHES!! this is NOT GOOD NEWS as this means that we are going to find, in LATE Dec and beyond, just how rough the folk are able to play, when panicing.

i would have welcomed a sudden, massive realization that something might happen and some preps would be prudent, in oh May or June, or maybe as late as July. In effect, "go panic while the lights are on, the system isn't broken yet, we can still change things like NOT selling those several million long tons of grain to Russia, actually bring all the sugar beets to market (novel concept there), bring the produce to the stores, etc."

Having watched the antics of the "leadership" we have equipped ourselves with (don't blame me, I voted for the other guy twice), I have come to the above conclusion. they may "know this (X) will happen, but it's really different when you're living it" To quote some of the strategists in the White House ref the refugee situation*. I am convinced that the "leaders" KNOW that it ain't gonna be a bed of roses (more like a bed of Stems-of-thorns, for those of you who know what Scabbard and Blade is), and they have been "strategizing" about it, kicking it around for a year. the problem is, that these leaders have not had the awakening lesson that the folks who worked the Kosovo desk have had, and this lesson is, unfortunately, non-transferable.

Anyway, I suspect that we will be given a LOT of time to finish. Just hope we are in situations that we can save and use our preps.


* From commentary on Rush's show today. the WH strategists said they knew that the refugee situation would get bad, but living it is a whole different world than kicking it around in strategy bull sessions. Hardliner, Arlin, SOB, I'm sure we can ALL relate!! (mine may not be combat, but 300,000 angry partygoers is bad enough)

-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 09, 1999.

I agree with you and have done so form the beginning. I want to be fully prepared before the rush hour begins.

-- Linda A. (, April 09, 1999.

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