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Does anyone have any infromation on the Gilpin R.R.? What I need is rosters and track plans. I have pictures of Central City and Blackhawk. I am waiting on M. Ferrell's book to come in the mail.

-- R.A.Fales (, April 08, 1999


Contact the Gilpin Railroad Historical Society. There is a link the site at The GRHS puts out a quarterly magazine and has a yearly outing.

-- David Keith (, July 12, 2000.

They had 5 shays: 1 Lima 8/87 181 'Gilpin" 2tr.15ton 2 Lima 2/88 199 "Russell" 2tr.15ton 3 Lima 12/89 264 "Quartz Hill" 2tr.17ton 4 Lima 1/00 594 2tr.17ton 5 Lima 4/02 696 2tr.17ton ope this helps

-- Eugene Connelly (, October 25, 1999.

I don't know too much about the Gilpin, other than its 2 foot gauge and they had a small Shay. It's an early horizontal-boilered 2- cylinder 2-truck locomotive, #181, and of course had lots of fancy striping. Weighing around 20 tons, its no biggie, but would make for an interesting model. Thats all the roster info I have! Mike

-- Mike Oestreich (, July 14, 1999.

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