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With TEOTWAWKI scheduled soon, I thought a bit more investigation into Alodial Land Titles might be worth looking into. It'd be nice to have a free title to our acreage rather than just a deed.

Any leads would be appreciated.



-- Randers (, April 08, 1999


Randers -

My work website has some on allodial title, land patenting and vesting. (use the internal search engine.) The Supreme Court, however isn't keen on the concept. Last October, it declined to review a case on the "vesting" issue, alone. Government claimed that titled interest revested in the State within the process of transfer, then was regranted in what amounts to something less than the bundle of interests the prior owner had. They have used this to bar takings compensation claims on any regulation in effect prior to the purchase that resulted in full takings when applied after transfer. (City of Virginia Beach v. Bell see ) It is a very complex issue - about which I would be happy to correspond. (use my e-mail addy.)

-- marsh (, April 08, 1999.

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