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Please see It seems the Marines are preparing our children for Martial Law.

-- Betty Alice (, April 08, 1999


This is a story about how several branches of the military were giving Pensacola teachers a break by taking classes for one day in all sorts of subjects--including geography. Sweetie was in the Navy and they've been volunteering for such projects for years. He did a similar thing for the Boy Scouts and the 4-H Club. It's valuable because service people have often been to places the kids are studying. The only thing different here is that the kids were learning about Kosovo. They would have known in advance that the military folks were coming in to teach them and so were not afraid to hear the PA announcing they were taking the classrooms. The military folks marched in to give the kids an idea of what had happened in some schools in Kosovo, not to get them used to martial law here. I'm not saying martial law won't be imposed here if there are civil disorder problems, but let's not stretch an innocent incident so far.

-- Old Git (, April 08, 1999.

Looks like Betty and I posted at the same time - ooops.

OldGit, I respectfully disagree with you on this one. Far from being an "innocent incident", this is part and parcel of the indoctrination and brainwashing that is being force-fed our children who attend public school. The fact that these kids were supposedly being given a new slant on current events is hogwash, as far as I'm concerned. Look at this quote:

"The mock "takeover" of Hobbs Middle School by pilots and flight students from Whiting Field was a way to illustrate what martial law is all about, said Lt. Troy Beshears, a Coast Guard pilot assigned to Whiting Field Naval Air Station

What's left to understand? Seems pretty straightforward to me... "Hey, kids, it's just martial law, we'll have a question and answer period, then have cookies and milk."


-- sparks (, April 08, 1999.

This is no more "innocent" than the harmless Red Square May Day parades or Nuremburg rallies: military displays of any kind ALWAYS have an ulterior psych war purpose.

-- Himalayan Blue (hb@k2.y), April 08, 1999.

Sparks & Betty,

I think you've got this one wrong. It was a "psy-op" alright, but not for the reason that you concluded. It was, as the "Coastie" said, to teach the "kids" about martial law.

It seems far more likely to me that the intent was to indocrinate the "kids" with the belief that what the Serbs are supposedly doing is "martial law" and to "scare them a little" so that they come out of the experience with the idea that, "Our President is a good man. He is helping those people that the "bad" military Serbs are "taking over". It might even have been intended to foster that belief in the minds of the military! Egad! What a thought! Could the real "kids" have been the "teachers"?

As you may have noted, I'm of the conclusion that martial law in the U.S. is simply not in the cards, and as such, "prepping" the kiddos for it would be pointless.

In any case, whether you're right or I am (or neither), it was, at best, an ill advised stunt. The kids' own teacher should have made a simple introduction and the reporter should have selected a word other than "bark" and should not have given the impression of marching troops in school hallways. Old Git is right, P'cola has been doing this for a long time and a lot of those kids are most likely "military brats" anyway and know all about "martial law".

If you simply do not trust our armed forces, you are indeed in a bad place.

And, as long as I'm talking about "psy-ops", let me add that the title chosen for this thread was more than a little misleading. It conjures up images of bayonet wielding combat Marines assualting a children's school. The actual fact is that a group of student pilots fomr the Navy and Coast Guard as well as the Marines, taught school some and did a military "show and tell" for the kids of the community that they live in.

You guys watch too much TV!

-- Hardliner (, April 08, 1999.

Hardliner, you can read my response here:, April 08, 1999.

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