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I'm having a serious problem: I've hit the proverbial wall in terms of y2k prep energy. I'm stuck in a state of being where the whole things seems so unreal. I keep looking at our crowded basement and wondering if I've gone overboard. Then I feel guilty for using what little money we have on all these supplies (though we will use them eventually). How to keep motivated? Has anyone hit this wall? I've been GI for over 8 months and suddenly I'm just pooped out with all this...

-- Libby Alexander (, April 08, 1999


Libby, maybe it's time for you to take a short break. It's springtime. Enjoy it a little. Assume that motivation moves in waves. Make the most of the fact that you're not motivated right now, and do something else. There's not much in the way of real Y2K happenings right now, so go with it. I promise you, your motivation will find you again, and most likely with renewed energy after a break.

Stop and smell the flowers!

-- (enjoy@the.spring), April 08, 1999.

I, too, am getting rather burned out with all the concentration on y2k, so I have done exactly what you need to do. Back down for a while. You can only do what you can do. If you can't enjoy life while you are preparing, then by the time you need to use all that stuff, you may not be around to take advantage of your work (I sometimes worry about the "looney bin" for me!). I visit this site now a couple of times a day for a few minutes, read what sounds good and skip the rest. I figure that as the year progresses my energy for it will rev up again as more "exciting" things happen. Then I'll put more time into it again. In the meantime I have started to do things with my kids more, do crafts, plan visits with my out of state children (and more important - GRANDKIDS), and take time to watch a good movie now and then with my husband. We still have 8 1/2 months left, and I don't intend to spend it ALL on "doom and gloom."

-- winna (??@??.com), April 08, 1999.

Libby: My wife and I are planning a couple of music related trips for business and some plain old dumb day trips to the coast. Do something fun= go on a boat, go hiking, but get away if you can for a few days. I love church and music but at times just have to get away. Stay away from discount stores and web survival sites for a couple of days. Buy a stupid book and sit in the shade. Just come back recharged and know that yor preparations have also been a way to be good to yourself and have peace of mind when the bleak weather and events happen next winter.

-- churchorganist (, April 08, 1999.

Last weekend, we had a power outage for most of the day. It gave me an opportunity to "test run" some of my planning. I learned a lot - like did I wash out large water jugs before the emergency, or have to waste precious bathtub water cleaning them first? Did I pet proof large 12v batteries I use for on-site lighting? You mean there is another part I have to buy to hook that piece up to my system? Oh that does need sharpening, etc. As a result, a lot of the things I had left in boxes are comming out to be integrated into my daily living right now. Also helps the rest of the family to get used to them and establish some safe and non-wasteful rules of use for new "toys."

I still try to do at least one thing a day to get farther along. There is a tendancy to relax once supplies are onsite. I remind myself that events may present themselves sooner than January 1. Power outage, gas hike, waiting lists....need to stay ahead of the curve.

It is also important to recover from the immediate and long-term period of stress that preparation can cause. I have become crabby, obsessive, self-centered and tired. One needs breaks in the sun away from "tunnel digging" to regain perspective, vitamins and good sleep.

There is a parable of the two woodcutters. One worked straight through all day and resented the other who took frequent breaks. Both ended up with the same amount of wood at the end of the day. The "non-rester" finaly asked the other how it could be that they produced the same. The "rester" replied: - "Well, all those times I was sitting on the stump while you were chopping away...I was sharpening my ax."

-- marsh (, April 08, 1999.

Libby- Your predicament seems to be a common one these days. Lots of posters here have been voicing the same feeling. I think that part of the problem is the long duration between when you first Got It, and when "It" might occur. That's too long a time period to run on an adrenaline surge. So..., if you've done a lot of prep so far, and it sounds like you have- do something else. Grow a garden, read a good book, learn to knit- whatever.

It reminds me of what I hated about being in school. I could never relax because I always felt there was more I should be studying. That's a good way to burnout though. There's no way to know for sure if you've done enough to prepare, and if things are bad enough, you'll always wish you had remembered whatever....It's sort of like packing for a trip- no matter how much you pack, you always forget something. So- accept that it can't/won't be perfect and you'll give it your best shot.And go enjoy spring. Aren't the cherry blossoms out now? Or have they gone by already?

-- anita (, April 08, 1999.

Take time outs.

Take up a hobby you've always been meaning to do. (If it helps with your knowledge or skill base for next year, so much the better).

One posibility -- get into English "cottage" gardening ... combining flowers and veggies. It's fun, relaxing (sort of), grounding and a pleasant Y2K prep passtime too.


-- Diane J. Squire (, April 08, 1999.


Anita is right about the cherry blossoms. They are at peak today and there is supposed to be rain soon so get out and enjoy. Kenwood is a sea of blossoms right now and you can avoid the crowds at the Tidal Basin.

-- Mike Lang (, April 08, 1999.

As has been said here its probably time to take a little break. But also important to listean to what your body and moods are saying and 'go with the flow'. Its easy to get imbalanced in terms of where you put energy and where you get it from. Anyone who expends energy (emotional, rational, personal, etc) needs to take time to regain it or else face a severe 'crisis', which is another way the body has of forcing the issue to the forefront of your awareness.

Sometimes it is important to take a few 'lazy daze' just to even things out a bit.

Take care of yourself. Be your own best friend.

-- David (C.D@I.N), April 08, 1999.


Boy, can I identify. Like someone here as already mentioned, I also try to do at least one y2k related prep a day (pick up more buckets from the groc. store, do some canning, clean a closet, you know the drill), plus catch up on all the posts-or at least the ones worth reading-homeschool my 7th grader, keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning, house-breaking the puppy, ad infinitum. I've _had enough_! So, this weekend, I'm visiting a favorite aunt and uncle. They've invited me to go fishing, and I'm outta here! Kids, dog, and hubby will have to hold down the fort until I get back. I'm taking a favorite book, plenty of 'colored fizz-water' (CF diet Coke) and planning on kicking back.

Fortunately, I know that I've done the lion's share of the prep that I feel convinced is necessary and there's not much going on newswise so I won't feel like I should be home working.

Please do take the time off that you need. If there's a meltdown, you won't be any good to your family if you have already melted down before hand.

Jasmine and pansies are blooming in my yard; there are good smells in both front and back yard. Think I'll go out for a little aromatherapy. Take care of yourself.


-- newbiebutnodummy (, April 08, 1999.

Libby...I share your opinion on overinvolvement with Y2k. I have spent countless money and hours researching and preparing like you probably have. During my early research days, it did not involve involved Astrology and social trends as well as Uniting two seperate schools of thought together...Chinese and Western Astrology.

Astrology has Positively Stemmed and Negatively Stemmed signs... Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are Pos. Stemmed. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are Neg. Stemmed.

The Positively Stemmed Signs or Times are for Optomism, Positive energy or even artificially gleeful moments....You can see where some Polly philosophies can come from...not to say that all positively stemmed signs are all polly's, just an energy that is not negative.

Negatively Stemmed signs are more preoccupied with practical or emotional energies which address reality and funtionality as well as the feelings experienced in "real life" least moreso than the Positively Stemmed signs do. The G.I. inherently lives here in this world. Bear in mind that spring or the signs start with aries....and by the time we get to the last stage of Aries April 10-20...most will feel like saying ,"screw all this is their problem not mine". But remember.....Taurus follows...back to negatively stemmed sign that says out loud, "where is my money and how can I preserve it as well as get more of it?!?" and the realization that the impending doom has inflation built in to it based on the present "just in time" situation. This will only motivate you to purchase more items so that you can beat inflation with a well thought out "Consumer's Insurance" policy created by you yourself. Just ask yourself, "what sign are we under when I feel this way?"

I hope this can be insightful for you....I have spent decades telling others what i'm telling you.

Enjoy Aries.....WJT

-- WJT (even@odd.months), April 08, 1999.

Hi Libby!

I recommend that you stop thinking about Y2K.

For me, the issue is becoming prepared, not the cause of a problem.

Set aside a percentage of your monthly income to spend on preparation. The difference between this and paying an insurance bill is that it's more fun to shop for preparation items than to pay an insurance bill!

Preparation is merely insurance against a disaster.

By the way, don't do anything you don't want to do. Concentrate on those items which will be fun for you to use.

-- GA Russell (, April 08, 1999.

Libby, I know what you are talking about and as I read the posts I feel we are all kindred spirits. I, too, am becoming "pooped" with Y2k.

Spring is here and I am only getting the the computer once a day. I read only those posts that look especially interesting. I skip all trolls. I stop by Gary North and read his articles but not his opinions.

I have found my way of thinking is changing which in turn is changing my life at a very slow pace. Things I once thought important, are now unworthy of thought. My priorities have changed. From Y2k, I am emerging a different person.

As I slow down in my quest for Y2k information, I will not slacken my prepartion pace but proceed in differnet ways to prepare. I love flea markets and will have fun finding things I might need later in the year from books to barter tools.

-- Linda A. (, April 08, 1999.

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