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In response to several email messages and phone calls, I wanted to address those who wish to show our documentary, Millennium Factor: The Truth About Y2K to local civic, church, school, or professional groups. We do allow the documentary to be shown or projected to any such groups provided that no fee is charged for the viewing and that no actual copies of the documentary are made.

Further, it is perfectly ok to "pass on" the documentary to friends or co-workers after you have viewed it. Our goal, is of course to make money on the production but we are also very concerned that as many people as possible become informed on this important issue.

We will be posting a similar notice on our web site within the next few days and can provide this permission in writing if necessary for your legal department.

Thanks again for all the interest.

Les Rayburn, director Millennium Factor: The Truth About Y2K ORDER TOLL FREE: 1-800-559-4488

-- Les Rayburn (, April 07, 1999

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