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True Value hardware store in Oconomowoc Wis. cannot guarantee any generators ordered now will arrive before 12/31/99. Briggs and Stratton 10 hp.

-- BOBO (71717@BPDOM1.BPP01), April 07, 1999


I was just informed that the last of a set of Delco 2000 battries I ordered in December has finally arrived.

I have been told my SunPower Refridge will ship in June.

Good luck if are just now starting to make plans.

But I guess the government has said not to worry.....

-- helium (, April 07, 1999.

IMHO getting a generator is not a good idea. At least not for me. I really don't want to draw any attention to my house if at all possible. It just shouts "we are prepared". I guess some people would already have them because of storms and such but since not much happens in Texas except tornados,I think I better pass on it.

-- shellie (, April 07, 1999.

I was at Eagles hardware last week and they had tons of generators. Only one catch, All sales are final, they will not take returns. Guess they don't want people bringing them back after Jan. I've noticed that with a lot of reciently popular items such as oil lamps and propane stoves. Guess they don't want to get glutted with returns of items that will not get used.

-- Cherri (, April 08, 1999.

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