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From today's Electronic Telegraph: ISSUE 1412, Wednesday 7 April 1999

Millennium babies to be timed to the millisecond

MIDWIVES are to use stopwatches to avoid disputes in the race for the first Millennium baby. Staff at Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital want to prevent any nastiness between parents with their eyes on the financial rewards of having the first baby of 2000.

Doctors and nurses have already cautioned couples against trying for a Millennium baby. They say hospitals with skeleton staff on Dec 31 may not be able to cope with high demand. Midwives have said that mothers have only a four per cent chance of giving birth on Jan 1 2000, even if they try to plan their conception date.

It is believed that the number of births straddling Jan 1 could be 20 per cent higher than average. Statistics for confirmed pregnancies are to be published this July. April 10 is considered the optimum date for conceiving a Millennium baby. That evening, ITV is screening Birth Race 2000, an effort to get couples in the mood with romantic films and reports on the race.

-- Old Git (, April 07, 1999


Can you say "Dichotomous message"? How about cognitive dissonance?

"DOn't do this." " get them in the mood..."



-- Chuck, a night driver (, April 07, 1999.

Why the hell do couples wwant to have a baby on 1/1/2000??? Don't they know or care that health care is one of the most unprepared sectors, when it comes to y2k work? They seem to be playing Russian roulette with the health of their families. Talk about the DGI's and DWGI's, these people seem to take that to the next level! Oh man...

-- Crono (, April 07, 1999.

In the long run I would think it would be better to have a baby on Dec. 31 with the possibility of having that child live over 100 years and live during 3 centuries.

-- winna (??@??.com), April 07, 1999.

The world will be governed by Capricorns in 2050.

Mao-Tse Tung and Nixon were Capricorns. Howard Hughes, too. And Stalin. Look out.

-- Lisa (capricorns@rule.always_have), April 07, 1999.

"...time to the millisecond..." sure hope GPS is functioning then!

-- Brooks (, April 07, 1999.

I can see it now, 20+ years from now in therapy rooms across the world, "My parents tried to use me to fill their own needs, and it started the very first second I was born....."


-- Debbie (, April 07, 1999.

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