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19 Bodies Of US Soldiers Said Transported Home From Yugoslavia 4-6-99 Athens, April 3 (Tanjug - abridged) - The first 19 bodies of the American soldiers are secretly transported from Macedonia to Thessalonika from where are being transported to their homes in America at the metal coffins, Greek paper ''Athinaiki'' says. The coffins were discovered accidently in a routine check by Macedonian Customs. The newspaper from Athens says at its first page that the bodies went through Skoplje and reached the Military Hospital number 424 in Thessalonika completely secretly and in the exhort of the officers where are prepared for the further transportation. ''Athinaiki'' stresses that the bodies of 12 American soldiers arrived in Thessalonika on Wednesday first and that they have already transported to the USA. The next seven bodies was transported to the Greek harbor on Thursday from where they should be transported across the ocean today. Stressing that the Greek authorities claim that they do not know a thing considering this case ''Athinaiki'' says that the USA are bond to the ''law of silence'' as in the Whitman and Iraq and that they will announce their losts later on when it is the most adequate to themselves. ____________________ Skoplje, April 4 - Macedonian customs officials said on Sunday that 19 coffins with bodies of U.S. soldiers killed in NATO's criminal aggression on Yugoslavia had passed through Macedonia en route to Greece. The report in the Greek newspaper Athinaiki is true, "because we personally saw the bodies of dead soldiers in the coffins," said Macedonian customs officials, speaking on condition of anonymity. They added that they saw the bodies when they opened the coffins in line with the regulations at one of the border crossings to Greece, whose name was not disclosed for obvious reasons. They could give no more details, saying only that there were two shipments - of 12 and 7 coffins, respectively - escorted by a number of U.S. officers. The customs officials could not say which route the vehicles carrying the coffins had taken through Macedonia before reaching the border crossing to Greece. They said, however, that the "coffins were in containers" and that they were "taken over by Greek policemen" on the Greek side of the border. The dates mentioned in the Greek newspaper are also true, because they were the dates the coffins crossed the Macedonian-Greek border, the customs officials said. Copyright ) 1998, 1999 Ministry of Information Email: mirs@srbija-info.yu

-- Andy (, April 07, 1999


Andy, Any more news on this??? America should be outraged.

-- Moore Dinty moore (, April 08, 1999.

unfortunately up until now this has only appeared on the Serbian propaganda site, and as such is highly suspect...

-- Arlin H. Adams (, April 08, 1999.

Nope - Arlin my be right on the proaganda issue.

-- Andy (, April 08, 1999.

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