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I like to connect X-Bus and LocoNet. I use an Uhlenbrock Intellibox (which has an LocoNet build in) and like to use an Lenz LH100 (mobile throttle) with it. Furthermore, I'd like to connect the extra feedback/routing sensors of Lenz accessory decoder (also X-Bus) with the Intellibox. Did anybody know any solutions or a component/adapter/interface to connect X-Bus with LocoNet? Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you very much for help!


-- Bernd Schneider (, April 07, 1999


Bernd, I've heard of some interfaces home brewed for X bus to CAN bus, but nothing interfacing to the LocoNet. Digitrax has a 'public' LocoNet support section allowing a PC to interface and execute some controls on the LocoNet. Developing a full interchange bridge from X bus to LocoNet could of course be done - but no one I've heard of has tackled that project. You would need to have 'developer' support from Digitrax and they might not feel good about connecting to the X bus. You would probably have to use a computer to make the interface and add some additional interface discrete logic - especially if you plan on adding the X bus feed back. After proofing it all out you could design an embedded controler. This would not be for the timid of heart!

-- Ed McCamey (, May 01, 1999.

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