What happened to the Sanger Y2k Review site?

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Does anyone know what happened to the Sanger Y2K review?


-- Curious (just@wondering.com), April 06, 1999


Try sangerereview.com instead of y2kreview.com


-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@com.net), April 06, 1999.

If you follow the URL there are several very intersting articles there such as Doctors are Told to Put Off Surgeries at the Beginning of 2000 and an Urkraine Nuke Plant is Shut Down

-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), April 06, 1999.

Hi! Without explaining the problem entirely, someone else is in control of y2kreview.com now (without my consent). But there's virtually nothing I can do about it anytime soon. All future updates will appear on http://sangersreview.com. If you can't get to the page that way (and you see only a one-line message), that just means your ISP hasn't gotten the updated pointer info for sangersreview.com. And if you don't know what that means, just try back later. It will work later in the day. Thanks for asking. (Any replies to my e-mail, I don't read this group very often.)

-- Larry Sanger (sanger@sangersreview.com), April 06, 1999.

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