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some years ago i planned and took a cruise for a year in the so pacific. in doing the provisioning we had to think of everything from food, medical, personal, intertainment, etc. istill have the book where we made the food list, we set down and made 30 breakfest meals, then 30 lunch meals, then 30 dinner meals, then the girls figured out how much of each item for each meal. this gave usthe different items we needed. then we multiplied this by 12 to gfive it for the year. we then asked each person what they liked special and added it to the list. the only thing else we did was to buy fruit and fresh vegatables as often as we could from the small islands. the reason i am saying this is it worked out so well for the year of sailing that i have done it for y2k. the only difference i plan to grow my vegetables, i also have some chickens and a cow. hope this helps some of you what to stock.

-- bob (, April 06, 1999


That is what my wife and I have done. Planned meals and figured how much for a year. Too bad it took me two months to convince her I wasn't a doomer, and just wanted "insurance".

-- R. Wright (, April 06, 1999.

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