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does anyone know how to use grenades that you equip onto your mariens?

-- Blackforth of Legions of Oblivion (, April 06, 1999



Frag grenades: Normally, troops that are in cover always strike first in close combat. Frag grenades stop this, so that you fight simulatneously.

Krak grenades: Can only be used against vehicles and walkers. Roll to hit as normal, exchanging all your attacks for a single attack with a krak grenade. Basically, they allow you to make a Strength 6 attack against a vehicle.

Hope this helps!

-- Mike Connor (, April 08, 1999.

yeah, but can you throw them? anyone?

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, April 09, 1999.

No. Frag and Krak grenades cannot be thrown in the new 40k.

-- Mike Connor (, April 14, 1999.

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