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Hi!!, I would like to know how Duane MIchalls do the secuence of "the spirit leaves the body" I know the iris cheat but how do i have to calculate it to avoid burning the film?

-- Israel Rammrez Luna (, April 06, 1999


This question is over 2 years old but I just came upon it. I have been making this type of photograph for many years and it is easy if you have a camera that allows double exposures. Michaels used an old Argus camera for his early work. Many of the modern electronic cameras allow double exposures and they are easy with view cameras.

For the exposure, set your meter at double the film speed. EG if you use ISO100 film set your meter for ISO 200. That way each exposure gets have the correct exposure.

Put the camera on a tripod and compose your image. Take one exposure with the subject in the first position - e.g. lying down. Then make the second exposure with the subject in the second position - eg. sitting up. You will have a properly exposed negative with two transparent figures.

If you want one figure to be solid, not transparent, have the subject against and solid, dark background. EG the reclining figure could lie on a dark sheet. You may have to dodge the negative a bit in printing but it gives believable images.

Have Fun!

-- Ron Gratz (, December 05, 2001.

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