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The Way of the Hypocrite The article weighs the ramifications of adultery. The big question it is asking is should people that commit adultery be exposed and risk the family break up, a lost job and possibly financial distress to all involved.

The author believes adultery should not be exposed and that in essences it is a natural and healthy behavior, when kept quiet. She mentions the Kelly Fling exposed the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal and how destructive this has been for the involved parties and the negative effect on our country. If nothing was exposed the country and individuals directly involved would be much better off.

I would have to disagree with the author of this article. Adultery is wrong and could have harmful effects as a result. When an individual makes a commitment to another individual through marriage, it is a very special decision to be with that person and only that person. To excuse and condone that behavior is morally wrong and should not be accepted by anyone.

The president of the U.S. holds the highest office of our government and is the country leader. Our leader should be role models that all citizens should look up to and follow their behavior. I wouldn't want anyone doing the things he has done. Other people will say it's not our business and he doesn't have to be a role model for all, which might be true, then it is up to the family or parents to be the best role models possible for our children. This is why adultery is wrong and should not be accepted.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 1999

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