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Utne Reader Review Article #2 Tim Mellstrom The Feminine Mystic The Feminine Mystic' mentions the controversy over spiritual faith and the feminist movement. Feminist writer Carol Lee Hinders contends that religion faith and feminism go hand in hand. She believes that feminism will gain widespread support, when it becomes a "resistance movement."

I would have to say that religious faith or hinder the feminist movement. A religious faith is something that a person believes in regardless of politically correct movements. It might not be the consensus of the majority of the people, but it is something that people worship.

As far as the feminist movement goes, I don't believe we need an amendment to our constitution that gives equal rights to women. As a citizen of the U.S. women have the same rights as men in this country that are guaranteed by or constitution.

At a global level women are treated differently and mistreated, however, this will run into religious beliefs of other groups of people. Religious faith is a hindrance to the feminist movement. It seems that a lot of religions are more male oriented in their own hierarchy, which lends to the discrimination of women. Also most religions, you worship a god of some sort and that would mean your sole focus for living is to serve that particular god or religion. If this was the case you wouldn't be concerned about the other government or political matters.

I feel all U.S. citizens are guaranteed the same rights by our constitution. In a Utopian society everybody would have the same chances and opportunities, however, we live in a capitalistic society, in which the all mighty dollar controls and makes a lot of decisions for us, whether they are right or wrong.

-- Anonymous, April 06, 1999

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